Behavioural Awareness Officers are the KGB of PC Australia


In the Soviet Union (the second most murderous regime of the 20th century) the small group of ideologically driven people who ran the abattoir cycled through many acronyms for the state’s Thought Police; Cheka, NKVD and KGB were the most well known.

Nobody knows the acronym for the Thought Police in China (the most murderous regime of the 20th century) because it is written in their ridiculous script, but we do know that when foreign devil journalists recently attempted to ask the local students milling around Tiananmen Square if they knew what happened there 30 years ago, many young Chinese literally ran away from said hacks.

Best. Thought Police. Ever.

As George Orwell has taught us, the more benign the acronym, the more terrifying the Thought Police. Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov and Lev Bronstein would have wet their pants at “Behavioural Awareness Officer”.

From the Age:

AFL fans are outraged at “behavioural awareness officers” patrolling the crowd at Friday night’s game between Essendon and Hawthorn, but Marvel Stadium says they’ve been in place all year.

We have always been at war with Eurasia.

It follows the ejection of a supporter who allegedly ran towards umpire Mathew Nicholls while calling him a “bald-headed flog” at half-time of the Carlton-Brisbane Lions match last Saturday.

“Ran towards”? Give that the writer has carefully avoided using the term “on the field” we can assume he didn’t even invade the pitch. Regardless, “bald-headed flog” must be the mildest thing anybody has ever said to an umpire.

People have taken to social media to complain after a photo was shared showing two AIG Security guards wearing vests labelled “Behavioural Awareness Officer”.

Essendon Football Club recruiting consultant and former AFL coach Robert Shaw tweeted a photo of the officers with: “40 years in the game and played, coached and spectated at some inhospitable (wonderful) rival grounds. This is a first for me. Have we really got to this? So sad if we have.”

It should surprise nobody that Angela Pippos, of far left propaganda outfit the ABC fame, tweeted the following reply:

This is code for “one more outburst like that and it is Siberia for you and your family”. Seriously Angela, go back to Russia.

Fans responded that it was “embarrassing” and “political correctness gone into new levels not seen”.

The officers’ vests feature a phone number to “report antisocial behaviour”.

Behavioural Awareness Officers, seen at the weekend’s game. Source.

A fan tweeted he was “surprised no one has called the hotline and dobbed in two blokes walking around trying to ruin everyone’s fun”.

One Instagram user asked whether there were Winx-like odds that the behavioural awareness officers would get the “bald-headed flog treatment” next time.

They could try, but given that from what I saw on the TV, these Thought Police tended to look remarkably similar to the people hired to make sure nobody entering the ground (or an airport) is a terrorist, it would probably land you with a charge of so-called “racism”.

For several decades after the end of the Second Great Brother War we Australians prided ourselves on the idea that we were in the freest country in the free world. Now Russians and Eastern Europeans who have moved to the West regularly state that the formal and informal speech codes which have become part and parcel of life here remind them of the USSR.

Naturally, the powers that be tried to deny that it is even happening:

Marvel Stadium chief executive Michael Green said the behavioural awareness officers had been in place all year.

“They have been called ‘behavioural awareness officers’ and worn those same vests all year,” he said.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Hawthorn supporter Vic Ghiller told The Age the officers were at Marvel Stadium Friday night.

“They were actually patrolling the Hawthorn cheer squad and telling supporters to calm down,” he said.

“As a long-term follower of AFL, I am losing interest in AFL and seriously thinking of only attending VFL as it’s more user friendly.”

This guy is onto it. Aussie footy codes have lost the plot. Our first course of action must be to boycott the AFL. It should be understood however that a mass boycott will do nothing to change the AFL. Its totalitarian behaviour will only get worse.

Australia’s slide into tyranny will not be stopped until we arrest every single political leader, corporate leader, academic, journalist, and social justice warrior in the country and put them on trial for treason. For said trials I suggest we resurrect the soul of Iona Nikitchenko, the notorious Soviet judge who presided over the show trials which occurred during Stalin’s purges and after WW2.

Their guilt is already established. The whole idea is to secure quick and just punishment for the crime.