Alternatives to YouTube PSA


Compatriots in my network have been suggesting alternative platforms following the YouTube purge over these last couple days.

While I’ve had my BitChute channel up for a while now, Cocoscope and JoshWhoTV have come on my radar.

Let’s take a look at Cocoscope. This is how they market themselves on their homepage:

Cool. So I set up an account the other day:

Alas, while receiving positive feedback during my 1 day existence on the platform, I was notified that my channel was being terminated. So much for “You will never be deplatformed or demonetized” over your political opinions:

JoshWhoTV on the other hand is a brilliant emerging alternative:

While JoshWhoTV has a range of Right-wing dissident content, the gold seal of approval of this platform is that Christopher Cantwell is able to livestream from the Radical Agenda studio in Keene, New Hampshire.

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