Why aren’t there people of color in Game of Thrones?


As an old D&D player and fantasy nut I tried to get into Game of Thrones, I really did. I read the first book and it was very good, much better than the usual derivative fantasy muck that I ceased reading in my late teens. But the second book labored so much under the weight of its own epicness that I only managed to make it halfway through.

Then there is the television series of the books. I purchased the first 3 series in a store deal a few years ago. I made it all the way to the end of the first series but it never really captured my attention. I watched the episodes gradually over time but I wasn’t drawn to them in any real way. I got a couple of episodes into the second series and then I abandoned it and the disks have been sitting untouched in their cases ever since. It just does not interest me.

Recently I reread The Lord of the Rings and loved it. I also watched the original Conan the Barbarian the other day and it is just a fantastic movie. I’ll have to dig around online and see if i can find the score. So it’s not the fantasy genre that is the problem that I have with GoT. It’s GoT itself.

I was thrilled when I began reading the series and got to the part where the two incestuous lovers killed the cute little kid who discovered them. This is literally the beginning of the first book, but it went downhill for me from there. After that riveting and original opening, (at least, riveting for fantasy; Shakespeare wouldn’t even have raised an eyebrow), it settled into a regular fantasy-fest with just a bit more depth to the political aspects than other books of its trope.

So I have watched the all conquering rise of the television series across all social idioms with bemusement mixed with an understanding that this is what you get when people stop going to Church and worshiping God. Take for instance this scene of a bar that was screening the beginning of the new series for its waiting and most expectant fans.

That is not normal behavior. It would be abnormal for the arrival of a decent pope, let alone a television show. I wonder for their collective mental health when the series ends and they have no way to bond anymore.

But it is not just the lack of religion that causes people to collectively seek their identity in a false idol in this way. As far as I can tell that entire bar, including the staff, is white. Game of Thrones really is a white thing. Because it’s not just a religious identity that people today are lacking; they also lack a sense of identity in their racial community, at least if they are white. Because we are continually told that white people are intrinsically bad and that whiteness is ‘problematic’, these people are forced to celebrate their heritage through a white fantasy world.

Roissy has noticed this as well:

“This is a form of mass hysteria or mass narcissistic delusion. Individual humans have surrendered their personalities and thoughts to the Hivemind, for the dopaminergic tingle of seeing themselves reflected in a million other like-minded simulacra through the ritualistic viewing of dumb escapist fantasy.

“This is the effluvia of both globalism and escape from globalism. These benighted creaturas shrieking and jizzing over a Dungeons & Dragons campaign (with less depth) are the unwitting meat nuggets tossed into the Globohomo maw, desperately trying to escape Globohomo through its digestive tract.

“And part of the escapist lure of GOT is the nearly all-White leading cast, a welcome respite from the Diversitopia reality, which these bar room lards would never admit was one of the draws of the show for them.”

Roissy links another barroom viewing of the latest episode and the reactions of the viewers to what they are watching.

The women are all undoubtedly feminist SJW mouth breathers while the men are your neck-beard enablers that want ‘more women in STEM’. And they are losing their collective minds that the little girl in the story manages to kill the big bad baddie.

You spend your days shuttling back and forth to your paper pushing job that generates exactly zero productive benefit for society whilst being surrounded en masse by people who hate you and are well on their way to replacing you while you loudly articulate your support for all things globalist and immigration and degenerate so you can still believe that you are good.

Only in the dark of the evening in a bar with your own kind can you dream that you are all actually part of something that you must not ever vocalise for fear of banishment from the few remaining of your own kind. And even then as a man you must continue to celebrate the powerful waif female who in real life would have had her head chopped off without a second thought from the supposed baddie. You go girl.

Game of Thrones tapped into a white zeitgeist without knowing it, and more importantly without the fans themselves realising it. There are no demands from the hysterical SJW Game of Thrones fans for more ‘people of color’ to be in the series. If you suggested such a thing it might well cause their brain synapses to melt down.

Now that’s a thought.

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