Election Day Livestreams with Fraser Anning at 11:30 am and 6pm


The XYZ has just confirmed that we will have Fraser Anning live on air for a livestream which starts at 11:30 am AEST. We will have the full Uncuckables crew of Tim Wilms, David Hiscox and James Fox Higgins starting at 11:30, and the good Senator will join us shortly after.

Later in the day we will begin our Election Night coverage at 6pm AEST, with various independent media people working their way through the Unshackled studio. We hope to get a victorious Anning on the blower again this evening to discuss plans for his upcoming helicopter tour.

You will find us this morning at the Uncuckables:


XYZ readers are encouraged to go to Matty’s Modern Life’s main channel this evening where we will be using superchats.



Here is the livestream from this morning:


For those of you who wish to find it, here is the stream fromm the other night. It gets drunker and more epic as the night progresses.