The time of reckoning


Turkish president Erdogan is rather upset at the shooting that occurred in New Zealand last week.

“You heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this. If New Zealand doesn’t make you, we know how to make you pay one way or another,” Erdogan told an election rally of thousands in northern Turkey. He did not elaborate.

He also wants the death penalty for the gunman and has threatened to send Australians and New Zealanders back “in coffins” while referring to the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

While politicians in Australia and New Zealand voice protests at his remarks, the mainstream media is being extremely careful not to present Erdogan’s comments with any sort of analysis. The reason for that is the brutal truth that Erdogan has deliberately revealed.

Erdogan does not consider the Muslims gunned down to be New Zealand citizens. If he did then he would have been offering condolences to the New Zealand government. Instead he views them as they are; citizens of the nation of Islam. Once again the old truth that people vote along religious and racial lines comes into play. Erdogan knows that every Muslim living in a Western nation is not a citizen of those countries. The piece of paper that states citizenship is a useful tool but as we have seen it is immediately discarded when an event like this occurs.

People cannot have dual loyalties when it comes to race and religion. Erdogan knows that but he is not unique; every single Muslim in the world knows that as well. When Erdogan threatens retribution to New Zealanders he has white Anglo Saxons firmly in mind. That is because a nation is a people, bound together by race and religion and with a shared ancestry.

At the same time that Erdogan is stirring up the masses in Turkey, New Zealand politicians are engaged in embarrassing acts of submission to the Muslim fifth columnists that reside in their country. They believe that if they bow down low enough to the invented gods of multiculturalism and diversity then all will be well in their hopelessly fractured nation. True New Zealand citizens are also busily engaged in similar virtue signalling as they proudly disarm themselves and boast about it on social media. The folly is breathtaking.

Once again, they may not be interested in race or religion but race and religion are very interested in them. And the diversity gods can never be sated. Sooner or later there comes a time when artificial imbalances must revert to their natural equilibrium. Erdogan not only understands this, he feels suitably confident to openly declare it. Consider the implications; if Erdogan is obeyed then every Muslim living in a Western country would become untouchable. After all, an attack on them is an attack on Turkey, and by default every other Muslim nation on earth.

Once you’re done considering that, have a think about the enormous number of Chinese and Indian citizens now living in Australia. They may hold Australian citizenship but that’s just a convenient piece of paper. When push comes to shove their allegiances will reside with their respective native nations. Perhaps the global elite thought that by implementing multiculturalism on a massive scale they could avoid future war due to the fact that so many nationalities are bound up together in the same countries.

The global elite in 1913 thought the same thing but the supposedly unbreakable ties were trade and economics. After that conflict and the one that followed it they formed an international body whose aim was to gradually dissolve the boundaries of individual nations, ironically enough called the United Nations. They did this because of the lessons they learned from those wars. But they learned the wrong lessons, and as a result we are doomed to repeat the conflicts all over again, but this time they will also be internal.

The ironic thing is that only the Western nations fell for this ploy. The Muslim and Asian nations avoided the trap while enthusiastically helping their Western enemies to destroy themselves through mass immigration. Erdogan feels that the time is right to begin capitalizing on their long game. The New Zealand response reveals that he is entirely correct. He is only the beginning.

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