George Pell and the Australian assault on Christianity


An article snuck across my radar last week, hidden at the very bottom of the news, seemingly only included as a necessity that had to be included for the sake of ticking all the boxes.

ACT to ban chaplains from public schools.

The ACT government will ban chaplains from public schools in Canberra from the end of the year by withdrawing from the School Chaplaincy program.

ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry says the territory’s Education Act mandated that public schools were secular, and that any chaplains currently employed could stay but would have no authority to teach religion.

“They’re employed to continue to do that youth work and social work, which is important but that is conducted in non-religious way,” she told the ABC.

Of the 150 schools in the ACT chaplains are currently employed in about 20.

For overseas readers, the ACT is a very small state in Australia which was formed entirely for the creation of the nation’s artificial capital, Canberra. It is a bureaucratic state and currently enjoys the best standard of living in the country and the highest per capita average income. In modern Australia it pays to be a parasite.

The ACT has long been a progressive bastion. Back in the early 1970s it legalised pornography and drug use among other unsavory pastimes. Now it is on its way to criminalising Christianity which is entirely in line with its previous attitudes. If you’re going to take the side of Satan then sooner or later you’re going to gather up the courage to come down publicly against the other side.

It seems a lot of government work to go to such bother against what amounts to a paltry 20 chaplains. But any vestiges of Christianity must be dealt with from the smaller scale to the very large.

The other end of the scale this week is the public announcement of the result of the greatest show trail in Australia’s history, and what will in the decades to come be seen as the country’s greatest failure against itself. The conviction of Cardinal George Pell for sex crimes against two choirboys in the 1990s when he was archbishop of Melbourne happened back in December last year but the Australian public has been allowed to discover it today.

This conviction was never in doubt, not because of Pell’s supposed guilt, but because it was preordained. The assault on Christianity in Australia could not ignore the country’s most prominent cleric that has ever lived. He is their top scalp, and even though the credibility of the two witnesses borders on farcical, nothing could stand in the way of this result.

The complainant, who cannot be identified, did not give evidence at the retrial; the recording from the first trial was admitted as the complainant’s evidence. The recording was available to the public only insofar as it was quoted by the barristers in their examination of other witnesses or in their final addresses to the jury, and by the judge in his charge to the jury. So, no member of the public has a complete picture of the evidence and no member of the public is able to make an assessment of the complainant’s demeanour.

Anonymous complainants giving unsubstantiated evidence that is so full of holes it resembles a mosquito net was the best the authorities could come up with, but they wanted their man and they got him. When I first heard that Pell was to fly back to Australia from the Vatican to face charges I knew that he was in deep trouble, as I am sure that Pell knew as well.

If they can get Pell convicted and jailed on such ridiculous charges then they can get anyone. Make no mistake, the Australian progressive left absolutely despise George Pell and he has been their number one target for decades. The same people who celebrate making children transgender hate this guy. That should tell you all that you need to know right there. George Pell was the number three man in the Vatican and a direct threat to the current Pope and his socialist agenda. The charges of pedophilia are beyond ludicrous if one takes the trouble to read the details of the trial. This has been a political and cultural assassination.

I fear that the real assault on Christianity has only just begun. But this only gives me hope and courage. After all, progressives hate truth and they hate Christianity more than anything else. That should tell you something.

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