Did China really land on the moon?


The Chinese government claim to have landed a spacecraft on the moon.

The far side of the moon.

From ARS Technica:

“Declaring that it has opened a new chapter in lunar exploration, the China National Space Administration announced late Monday night that its Chang’e-4 lander had safely set down on the far side of the Moon. No spacecraft has ever made a soft landing there.

“According to state media, a Beijing-based control center commanded the spacecraft to begin the landing procedure at 9:15pm ET Monday (10:15am, Tuesday, local time), from an altitude of 15km above the lunar surface. During an 11-minute descent, Chang’e-4 slowed its speed from 1.7 km/s to nearly zero before it landed in the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin. This is in the mid-southern latitudes of the Moon on its far side; it should offer important scientific information about Earth and the early Solar System.”

So, no way of confirming, then.

“This landing marks an important step in space for China. This represents a true “first,” as no country has ever reached the far side of the Moon, where there is no means of direct communication with Earth. Additionally, the data collected by Chang’e-4 and the Yutu II rover will inform China’s lunar exploration program, which seeks to send taikonauts to the lunar surface by around 2030.”

They’ll probably fake that too. Seriously, that shot looks like it was taken just outside one of their reeducation camps in Xinjiang.

“The success by the Chinese agency comes as NASA remains barred from working with China on spaceflight activities. This block was put in place by former US Rep. Frank Wolf and supported through the appropriations process by Rep. John Culberson. Both men are now out of office, so there is a chance the prohibition could be reviewed. Nevertheless, there are considerable concerns about technology transfer as a part of any cooperation with China.”

The US landed men on the moon at the peak of their civilisation, aided by the best German rocket scientists who they managed to shield from the showtrials of the late 40’s. Since then the US has descended into multicultural chaos and will soon begin its Second Civil War – ie, there is a reason the US has been unable to send anyone back to the moon since.

Thus, China has been stealing technology from a civilisation that currently has no hope of sending people to the moon. Reverse engineering will only get you so far.  They had to hoax the rest.

Here is the giveaway:

“It is also notable that China’s state news service provided no live coverage of Monday night’s landing attempt. Many of the country’s launches—and more difficult efforts in space—are only reported after the fact, when they are successful. This echoes the Soviet approach during the space race in the 1960s, when many of their spaceflight activities took place covertly, while NASA had its successes and failures covered in real time.”

No live coverage. Case closed.

Now let me send a message to the YouTube community. I want blanket coverage of this fakery within a week. The next time I want to investigate the possibility of human colonisation of Io, I expect to have to navigate away from a dozen different videos giving a dozen different explanations of how China faked their far side of the moon landing.

Otherwise I call anti-white bias and blatant anti-Americanism.

It’s your XYZ.