Reclaim the Beach: Rally at St Kilda Beach 1pm Saturday 5/1/2019


Sudanese in Victoria commit 8% of violent crime in this state. The media do their best to minimise this, however the #AfricanGangs crimewave has become so visible that it has become impossible to ignore.

Native European Australians cannot be expected to watch passively and let this happen, thus a peaceful political gathering has been organised for St Kilda Beach this Saturday, January 5 2019 at 1pm, to show the Victorian government that the people want strong action on #AfricanGangs crime, and that we oppose the failed policy of multiculturalism.

Neil Erikson has produced the following video promoting the event:

The Government has failed you as a tax payer!!

The Government has failed you as a tax payer!!

Posted by Neil Erikson on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

And Blair Cottrell has given his strong support:


UPF leader Blair Cottrell gives great perspective and supports St Kilda beach meeting this Saturday at 1pm! (Blair is banned from making a Facebook account for speaking out!)

Posted by Neil Erikson on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Tim Wilms at the Unshackled has produced an excellent summary of the #AfricanGangs crimewave, media reporting of the crimewave, the organisation of patriots for the rally and the unsurprising communist/Antifa planned backlash.

What can broadly be classified as Nationalist Populist movement is gathering momentum across the West as 2019 begins. In the Americas, Brazil has elected the European-origin conservative Jair Bolsonaro as President, and in the US the God Emperor Donald Trump is playing hardball, shutting down the government in a standoff with Democrats over funding of The Wall.

The governments of Eastern Europe, along with Italy and Russia are digging in their heels against the globalist demands of the EU, while the people of Western Europe are rallying weekly in the Yellow Vests protests against the globalists who still control their own countries.

Europa is the original homeland of the European people, and its people have a history of repelling and expelling foreign invaders. America has a history of fighting for its independence and resolving disputes through force.

Australia may have been gifted its independence, we may be have travelled the furthest down the multicultural slope, and our people may appear lazy and apathetic, but it would be a mistake to write us off.

Australia was founded as a homeland for British and European people, and the current policies of mass immigration, multiculturalism and demographic replacement by our globalist government is unconstitutional. We are the blood of the European people who rebelled against tyranny, and the Europeans who were bold enough to leave the cool climes of Europe and tame a wild and unforgiving land.

Like the issue of Islamisation which sparked the Reclaim Australia movement a few years ago, the issue of #AfricanGangs has the potential to spark the formation of a genuine nationalist movement in Australia which is peaceful, enjoys broad support and can affect real policy for the better. Rest assured the government, the media and their Antifa lackies will do everything they can to derail it.

In short, keep your eyes on St Kilda this weekend.

Matty’s Modern Life will be doing a vlog of the event, and we will be discussing the rally on our Monday night Livestream at around 9:15.