Vatican Council II was the Communist Revolution Acceding to Power in the Catholic Church 1963


“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ… the Church will be
in eclipse and the world in dismay”.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to the shepherd children of La Salette – Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud September 19, 1846 published by Mgr Bishop of Lecce under imprimatur.

Lady Sheila Yowess

Is that Pope Francis sporting a Rainbow Cross? OMG. It is one of those funky cross thingies in a rainbow hue. Now, this isn’t what you critics and pagans out there in TV land might think, according to Vatican News. The Rainbow Cross just means that the Church represents many different countries and cultures. Green, for example, is for Mexico. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but as I write, I am dunking my Yowie biscuit in my favourite bark and beans grind and laughing my head off.

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And oh look! Great Balls of Fire! A Stang!!. Pope Francis has ditched the highly occult Broken Cross crosier of his post Vatican II predecessors (Deo gracias) and now for the World Youth Synod, he is actually carrying A Stang!!!

It’s a Stang: Francis opened Vatican Youth Synod with Sorcerer’s Staff

Bet you anything, the Red-Pilled readers of this website who attended Catholic high schools as boys and girls missed out on the Communist Revolution in the Church in 1963. So, you didn’t cover La Salette in Religious Ed, or the Church’s teaching on Communism, or the history of Communism in the twentieth century.

It does stand to reason, however.

Let us suppose that you belong to the Cabal which is making plans to rule the entire world in the interests of its cult of racial supremacism. The idea here is to make war on every nation and all people who do not belong to your chosen race and its screwball definition of ‘the chosen’. Let us say you are pretty juiced and rather high up in the Cabal, and you actually sit at the Round Table where the Mad Plan is being worked out right under the Eye of Sauron. Whatever you tell me, don’t tell me you are going to leave a 2,000 year old institution established in every nation on earth with over a billion adherents worldwide out of The Plan.

Plan? What Plan? Don’t these things just sort of happen? You know – by chance, like the Big Bang or the evolution of homo sapiens from the paramecium, or the emergence of the British race from Cheddar Man and stuff? Er. No.

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Yes. There is a Plan.

Bella Dodd, member of the Communist Party USA National Council until 1949, stated for the Congressional record in her testimony before the House of Un-American Activities that:

“Communism is ‘a strange secret cult’ whose goal is the destruction of Western (ie Christian) Civilisation.”

To that end, in the United States alone, Bella Dodd testified that in the 1930s, the CPUSA:

“Put 1100 men into the priesthood to destroy the Catholic Church in America from within.”

This was a dicta of the Comintern.

“Right now they are in the highest places and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism.”

The change, she said:

“Will be so extreme you will not recognise the Catholic Church.”

This is now fait accompli.

It will come as a huge surprise to the minions generally that the Catholic Church (right up until Vatican Council II – funny that) was a bastion against Communism. Prior to the Vatican Council II, the teaching office of the Church used its authority to denounce Communism, Socialism and Nihilism in the most severe terms – casting the anathema upon these ideologies and the organisations which serve them. It invoked the power of the Keys for those who would fight against this “most iniquitous plot”.

With strength and co-ordination, the Church organised internationally against Communist aggressions upon small or newly independent nations. It blocked Communist infiltration of social and government institutions in the more stable polities. In the United States, through its lay apostolates, it kept the Communist influences out of the schools and media through litigation and advocacy.

Here is a sample of Roman Catholic social dogma on the subject of Communism. (For the Roman Catholic, these statements are binding and form an ordinary and constant statement of irreformable truth.)

“This most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to …Communism by confusing them with perverted doctrines.”

Pope Pius IX. December 9, 1849. Encyclical Nostis et Nobiscum.

“We speak of that sect of men who under various and barbarous names are called socialists, communists, nihilists and who, spread over all the world and bound together by the closest ties in wicked confederacy, no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings but openly and boldly marching forth in light of day, strive to bring to a head what they have long been planning – the overthrow of all civil society whatsoever.”

Pope Leo XIII. April 20, 1884. Humanum Genus.

But at the recent World Youth Synod in Rome, Francis cried tears of joy as the Communist ‘bishops’ from the PRC deign to honour Rome with their presence – while the Chinese Catholics who hold with the teaching of the Church and oppose Communism rot in the jails.


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