SHY Triggered by It’s Okay To Be White

Courtesy of Islamodacity.

SHY being a complete flog and taking offense for the sake of offense. What a waste of flesh and bones:

This sign was posted outside my office in Adelaide this morning. What a disgrace. The person who put these signs up should be ashamed of themselves.

This is a known alt-right slogan and it is not welcome in Adelaide and has no place in 2018.

If you look up the origins of this saying you will know why and who it has been deliberately used by to intentionally divide people. That is not something I support. It is okay to be you – no matter the colour of your skin. We need inclusivity.

I’m sure she would support BLM signs or some stupid rights thing, but an innocuous It’s Okay to be White is rage inducing.

Also, look at her edit history.  She wasted three hours on this.  Seriously, get a life:

It doesn’t say white is better – although history does show that it is – it is just making a statement encouraging those of us who feel downtrodden by the 24 hour lefty news cycle. It reminds us that we are fine as we are and shouldn’t feel guilty for made up injustices.

I’d like to call our SA readers to go and visit SHY’s office and chuck their own It’s Okay to be White signs up on her office.

Every day.

Then grab the popcorn as we see her explode in a storm of rage and hurt feelings. I’m sure Leyonhjelm would enjoy this too!  And Blair.