Food For Thought – ANTIFA Is A Tool Of The System


‘Andy Fleming’ (aka Slackbastard, aka “a closet homosexual failed librarian”) who’s social media and blog disappeared late last month, had this to say recently about the dissident Right journalism in Australia:

To quote from Appendix V of the second edition of James Mason’s book Siege:

“As far as we’re concerned a member of our own tribe, or Race, is far more of a culprit than any alien, as we view the Jews… So now we’re not the old-fashioned Jew baiters – you’re either with the System or you’re not, regardless of who you are.”

ANTIFA, as I’ve previously noted, is undeniably a tool of the “globalist” system. Where once the traditional Left agitated to secure worker’s wages and living standards from being diluted down by open border immigration, ANTIFA and their allies routinely agitate for this policy on behalf of rich “globalists” looking to break up cohesive nation-states in order to drive down wages.

This is also why ANTIFA zealously promotes intersectional politics while simultaneously psychopathologising “Whiteness” to divide nationalists and unite the riff-raff that makes up the “globalist” proxy army.

ANTIFA, and their comrades in ‘Jews Against Fascism’, have notably been bolstered by “globalist” money and resources from the likes of George Soros, “globalist” strategies and rhetoric by the likes of Mark Bray (who authored ‘The Anti-fascist Handbook”) and “globalist” institutional support from within the government, the fake news legacy media, the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Centre and Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

Not to mention many attribute the formation of ANTIFA back to the founder and commander of the Red Army Lev Bronstein (aka Leon Trotsky).

On the up-side at least Slackbastard is giving my booklet Trading HEMP for Hitler a little cross promotion (thanks for the title “Andy”).

Food For Thought.

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