Antifa is a guerrilla paramilitary organisation


Originally published August 13, 2018.

Terry Quinn

“Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.” – Sam Hyde

War is politics by other means, and the reverse is also true. Right wingers of the 21st century who wish to restore Western civilisation need to stop thinking that the acolytes of the global Cultural Marxist machine will extend to them the same courtesies and human rights that Western civilisation previously extended to all its citizens.

Many right-wingers (and more everyday) have gotten redpilled, but nearly all of them still have somewhere in their worldview an altruistic heart. This altruism was once cumulatively the foundation of a high trust, socially cohesive society, but now it is the Achilles Heel of the resurgent grassroots Right.

Lets go back to the US election, when Trump rallies and supporters were often the target of violence from activated groups of Antifa and similar groups.

The primary purpose of these assaults is not to punish Trump supporters via pain per se, but to attempt to cow and dissuade other Trump supporters everywhere who see the footage from attending rallies or otherwise supporting Trump. This tactic is not new and not even specifically fascist or communist in nature, its merely a recurring feature of political conflict between groups where one group doesn’t extend in-group courtesies (that is to say, doesn’t recognize that the opposing side has a right to continued existence) to the other. The reason it is shocking to our democratic sensibilities is that voter intimidation is an explicit rejection of the Western democratic tradition, destroying the purported legitimacy of democracy as a contest of ideas and its effectiveness as a valid way to govern a people.

It’s deeply disturbing to contemplate that the soldiers of the First World War in France extended greater levels of tolerance and human rights to the enemies of their respective nations, than do modern leftists extend to right wing voters.

This is chiefly because the vast majority of the men who fought in France in WW1 were white Christian males whose political attitudes would place them in the extreme far right today. Which is to say, they were of far greater quality as people and as building blocks for a healthy society than the brainwashed, degenerated, subverted and divided people the West has now.

Many are “woke” to this now, but not woke to the ramifications.

What I mean is, modern right wingers need to stop being naive. Despite being adherents of a philosophy and world view that is based on acknowledging the world as it is, many right wingers are still dangerously naive when it comes to anticipating and interpreting how their enemies act.

As a case study, let us consider Antifa.

Normie right wingers are often dismissive and say “Pant-ifa are corwards” and proceed to talk about how they are not ideal specimens, physically.

This sort of banter relies on belittlement as a tactic – “they are ineffectual losers and shouldn’t be taken seriously”. Losers they may be, ineffectual they are not. Their effectiveness stems from the fact that they do take everything seriously.

Antifa wear masks to prevent their identification and subsequent legal consequences. Antifa carry items that could be used as weapons, but are not legally risky as too much of a sign of premediated malicious intent i.e. skateboards, bike locks and sprays.

Antifa tactically engage in violence. That is to say:

  • Only when they have numerical superiority.
  • Only when the target is distracted or facing away.
  • Only when they have the implicit support of the local authorities via standdown orders, (see San Jose, Charlottesville and Melbourne).
  • Only when they have the support of the media.

They also use a tactic whereby the crowd mills on and around itself allowing the particularly activated members to seemingly at random run out of the swarm to commit violence and then run back into crowd. This implies some knowledge of police riot doctrine, which requires police to not break their picket line unless one particular troublemaker is consistently assailing them. This “cycling” method is why police officers almost never arrest any Antifa members.

Antifa avoid criticism and the spotlight by ensuring that the media story and analysis is never about them. This is why their organisation is called “Antifa” and not “international communism alliance” or “advocates for dissolution of the concepts of private property, the family and the nation state”. They don’t want to be known for what they believe, they want to be known by a term that does the propaganda work for them. By concealing what they believe from the public, the 30 second sound bite the masses hear is something like “Lauren Southern supporters and protestors clashed, Anti-fascists say Lauren Southern promotes hate speech”.

Antifa (like many leftist organisations) may consist largely of low quality human capital (i.e. not many well adjusted fathers and mothers, net tax payers, successful or productive people) but it is being directed by wickedly cunning psychopaths with the funding of shadowy organisations and the defacto support of the state.

The point of all this analysis is that Antifa is not a political organisation but a guerilla paramilitary one. It is naive to treat them and attempt to interact with them at rallies and events as if they are just “triggered” lefties.

That being said, I am certainly not advocating for some sort of anti-antifa organisation to be set up with the same tactics. Morally their tactics are repugnant and practically speaking Antifa can only function in its manner because it has implicit state support and explicit media/academic support. No right wing group under the existing paradigm will ever enjoy state, media or academic support. See the Tea Party, MAGApedes, UPF, One Nation, etc.

What I am advocating for is a strategic decision by Right wingers to not be drawn into situations that advance Antifa’s goals. Don’t go to events if the security is compromised ideologically or insufficient, Antifa’s media support means that any violence at all benefits their narrative, either as intimidation of right wing sentiment if they win a physical confrontation or as vindication of their contention that Right wingers are dangerous if they lose. Also, don’t go along to an event and just try to film antifa, that’s not to say that I don’t support the use of filming to document the proceedings, but one has to be aware that by doing this you are placing a big target on your head and you must take precautions and be aware of the risks you are taking. You should have a group of trusted people protecting you if you are intending to film.

Antifa is a collective organisation, don’t be such a Jordan Peterson individualist that you try and oppose them solo.

See 2.08 in the following video.

This victim thought that because he wasn’t participating in the shouting and shoving he wouldn’t be a target. Don’t be like this victim, not just because I don’t want you to be assaulted, but also because I don’t want antifa to be emboldened by the fact that the assailant only got 3 years probation for this crime.

Particularly depressing about that instance is that notorious hackers at 4chan did all the work identifying the man, because police didn’t want to know about it – this is the implicit state support I was talking about earlier.

Don’t interact with Antifa and other rabid leftists like they are your political opponents in a robust debate. Interact with them like they are defacto arms of the state seeking your economic destitution and demographic displacement, because that’s what they are.