Sky News Caught Fake Newsing It Again


Lady Sheila Yowess DCSG

If you are a FAKE-NN and you are caught with the Official Narrative down around your ankles – again – what are you going to do? This might be hard to believe, but the readers of a website like XYZ are capable of seriously entertaining the idea of blokes earning 6 figures sitting around the mirror-polished table looking out over the City and asking themselves this question: What to do?

Frankly, they are stumped.

In August, the producers of Sky News Australia were reduced to feigning outrage over the Adam Giles interview with Blair Cottrell, as XYZ reported.

The best they could do was grovel abjectly before their Masters and apologise profusely that the interview had ever gone to air in the first place. Then they were reduced to making an example of hapless media widget, Adam Giles, and astro-turfing the blowback on Twitter and social media. We are talking about a major company here. And in terms of ‘what have they got’ – the short answer is: pathetic.

Then there was the Twitter storm with Laura Jayes. Hysterical. As an aside, I know at least five red pilled ladies who got themselves temporarily banned from Twitter for tweeting to Ms Jayes: “Tick Tock. Tick Tock.”

Could not not make this up.

Sky News might be able to still get away with that in Australia (just) where it is still possible to have limited success against Australian Patriotism with a “Nazi” label and Huggies enforcement. In the UK, however, these active measures are not going to work. The native British do not H8 Hitler, they H8 the UK government. In the face of the Full Spectrum Cressida Dick Response (FSCDR) to violent crime and repression from both the Vibrant Diversity (VD) and the UK police, as well as Sharia Law enforcement, the British population is not only experiencing Hitler indifference and holocaust fatigue, they are experiencing rage. And this is reflected in their choice of heroes.

Roy Larner, the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ is now world famous for the new battle cry of Britain:

‘Fuck you – I’m Millwall’.

Not to mention his epic fight with knife wielding Muslim Jihadis using only his bare hands. His international superstar fanbase quadrupled when it was became known that he was in a lot of trouble with the London Metropolitan Police because he refused to obey their directive of ‘run and hide’. And he went to the top of the pops again when he was investigated by them for ‘racist abuse’.

We can’t be hurting the feelings of the machete wielding Muslim Jihadis – who are only doing the jobs the native British won’t do – now can we? The international outrage created by their investigation made FSCDR literally wet their collective panties as their concern for the cultural sensitivities of Muslim Jihadis made them world famous. Meanwhile, the Lion of London Bridge, Roy Larner, was helping them with their investigation of his racist abuse from his hospital bed and freely indulging in good old Millwall Islamaphobia for the world media scrum.

Then there is Count Dankula, his girlfriend and her wee pug. We are talking about international superstars here. To be sure, a UK court did fine the Count 800 pound sterling for a ‘gross offence’ and refused to hear his appeal against his conviction for causing a ‘gross offence.’ But what can the Communist/Globalist government of the UK actually do about a seig heiling pug which likes to watch old Hitler speeches on youtube?

And now, to crown all, there is Tommy Robinson cutting such a swell at the well known Old Bailey. Seriously. What are they going to do? They can’t very well send him to Botany Bay, although I am sure we would all welcome that. Yes. They are going to pull ‘ye olde switcheroo’ on the charges. Contempt of Court is not going to work for Round II. So they are going to try and make ‘inciting fear and hatred of Muslims’ stick. And they will try to throw him back into jail.

They will try to kill him – again. If they succeed, then they really will have a problem on their hands.

But what can they do to actually put Tommy Robinson, the people’s hero, and Lion of Britain in the wrong? Nothing. How is the effing UK pedo government going to put their trumped up charges against Tommy Robinson on a level playing field with the child trafficking, rapes and abuse that the UK police and all civil authorities enabled and protected for over ten years in places like Rotherham, Luton, Bedford etc. Short answer: they can’t. That doesn’t mean they are going to give it the old British try for God and St George – what ho! But to even make the effort they will have to enlist the FAKE-NN.

So they jerked Sky News’ chain, rattled the bones and rolled out Jason Farrell to s-a-v-e the day. Here’s Jason trying to pin “inciting hatred of Muslims” on Tommy Robinson.

And here’s Tommy : Exposing Sky News Lies and Propaganda – I will take them to court over this.

We love you Tommy.

The author, Lady Sheila Yowess is a Dame Companion of the Excellent Order of Strewth, Grouse and the Strayan Way, abreviated thus: DCSG. Sir Bruce, the Yowie and Knight Cmdr of the Order, KCSG is at present otherwise engaged and has tasked the Dame Companions to write for the internet.