Food For Thought – Ryan Joins ANTIFA


Those keeping up to date with Siege culture have probably read James Mason’s article A Communist Defeat where he writes:

“I’m saying now: JOIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Echoing the “Lone Wolf” strategy. Infiltrate.

“You will sacrifice nothing. Join locally and quietly. Keep your more fanatical tendencies quiet for the moment. Become actively involved. Become a leader. Eventually run for office. Don’t do any of this if there is anything in your background that the enemy can use later to destroy you should you begin to achieve success.”

As the guy who traded HEMP for Hitler people who share my eccentric background would be better utilised in enflaming the initiatory violence of the Democrats NPC black bloc for accelerationist purposes.

So I say to all XYZers: I, Ryan Fletcher, am going to start changing my gender (on an 85 day rotational basis) while I identify as a purple alien called Widget, as I cheer on the beating and burning of bigots, limousines, buildings and bins.

Long live communism and sheeeeit.

Food For Thought.

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