Dia Beltran: Discussing Andy Nolch, Toxic Feminism & identifying as white Nationalists


Dia Beltran has appeared on The XYZ Livestream on several occasions. On Wednesday night, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life appeared on Dia’s livestream, to discuss the Andy Nolch saga and delve into what it means to be a nationalist.

We analysed last week’s interview with Andy Nolch, and David expanded on his argument that given feminism’s subconscious obsession with male and female genitalia, drawing a penis is a legitimate intellectual response to feminist dogma.

This discussion can be heard in part 1 below:

We had some technical difficulties and had to start a new livestream. A discussion on free speech overlaps the end of part 1 and the start of part 2. The bulk of part 2 involves a long discussion of nationalism, (white/ethno/European/Australian/civic) mass immigration, miscegenation, deportation, and the origin of the term “racism” in Marxist propaganda.

It’s your XYZ.