Out where the thunder roars


The latest bout of natural disasters to hit the northern hemisphere have triggered another round of predictable atheist condescension:

Ok so that was pretty funny, even for a normie meme. Although I have been getting a little biblical myself, I doubt God would react so strongly to something so trivial, although given the effects on the human brain of the vehicle which has turned it into an epidemic, maybe he could go after the west coast..

Anyway, this one reminded me:

Of a great song:

Irony is it is probably my second or third favourite song of all time. Back in the days just before grunge hit. If I had the option of going back in time to shoot the infant Lenin or the infant Cobain, I’d pick the latter. You can draw a continuous line of musical development from the Renaissance to the early 90’s. Then it stops. The globalists deliberately destroyed rock music and sent a generation of Westerners into an unnecessary depression – the Soviet Union had fallen and SJW’s always project.

It’s your XYZ.