Quote of the Day: Socialism in a nutshell


The following quote was seen somewhere on the internet. It is spot on:

Socialism in a nutshell,
‪You noticed that economic growth creates inequality,
‪so you raise the minimum wage, ‬
‪but this creates unemployment and higher prices,‬
‪but that’s okay because you create welfare programs to help the poor, ‬
‪but this costs lots of money, ‬
‪but that’s okay because you can always tax the rich, ‬
‪but they start finding creative ways to avoid paying taxes, ‬
‪but that’s okay because you can always just take their property by force,‬
‪but the rich start closing their businesses and fleeing the country, ‬
‪but that’s okay because you nationalise everything, ‬
‪but then corrupt and inefficient management impoverishes your people, ‬
‪but that’s okay because you can use propaganda to brainwash your population into loving the regime, ‬
‪but then that people start protesting due to the food shortages, ‬
‪but that’s okay because you can crush them with your army,‬
‪but that might discredit your ideology, ‬
‪but that’s okay because it stopped being real socialism when everything started going wrong.‬


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Photo by SMORENO2007