The 25th million Australian – there will be war.


Australia has reached a population of 25 million and The Australian newspaper reckons that they have found the 25th million “Australian”.

He’s one in 25 million – ‘a gift to Australia’.

“When Australia’s population hit 25 million, it was not ­entirely clear whether that would be through migration or birth — so Indian-Australian couple Shravanthi and Anil Vooturi had a bet each way, welcoming a healthy baby boy at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.”

Our 25 millionth “Australian”. From the Australian.

A fitting example of the 25th million “Australian”. You can’t even make this shit up.

“The pair’s story — migrants who start a family here — is the overwhelming theme at Westmead, where 70 per cent of women who give birth are born overseas.”

Australians are a dying breed now that the invaders are flooding the country and out-breeding the native population.

“Ms Vooturi said she hoped her son’s life in a multicultural Australia would involve being treated equally and he would “treat and look after everyone the same way”. “It doesn’t matter what their ­religion is,” she said.”

I see war on the horizon. A bloody and brutal war based on race and religion. The type of war that over the story of mankind has been fought countless times. It doesn’t matter what religion he is, now. When Indians or the Chinese hit 51% of the population then it will matter very much indeed.

The Sarah Jeong story tells us all we need to know about what Asians really think of whites.

“In the blossoming race war, Asians are never in the discussion, because white people just assume they are on the side of Team Whitey.

“All of a sudden one of the model minority has revealed that she hates white people as much as the black street hustler. Even more disturbingly, the people known for eating dogs apparently think white people smell like dogs. It adds a whole new element to what the coalition of non-whites has in mind for us once they get total control. More important, this white hating Asian migrant is defended by so-called conservatives.”

Whites just assumed that the Asian immigrants would be happy with the “honoree-white” badge. The Asian immigrants pretended that this was the case. In Australia they will continue to pretend until they feel safe enough to start declaring that the existence of whites is offensive to them. We’re not far away from that now.

This woman and her child are not Australians. They have to go back. If they and their ilk do not it will eventually mean war. History proves this prediction. The onus is not on me to prove that it will happen. The onus is on the supporters of the multicultural disaster to prove that it will not. They can not do so for the simple reason that history does not have one example of a situation where diversity + proximity did not equal war.

Because they can not prove their claim they will resort to the cry of “racist!” and “Fascist!” and “Neo-Nazi!” and the like. They have nothing else with which to argue. But I do not care for their ad hominem attacks. I wear them with pride. As should you. Take the opportunity to do so before your “Indian-Australian” betters decide that you’ve had your spot in the sun.

As the whites in South Africa are now discovering.