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Victoria needs coal. And nuclear energy.

The Labor Party under Daniel Andrews is turning Victoria into a shit hole, but large turnouts for libertarian, conservative and nationalist speakers in the last 7 months (which outnumbered leftist rabbles 10-1) have shown that a strong, motivated conservative base still resides in Victoria.

With the right mix of policies, the Liberal Party in Victoria can defeat the Labor government which managed to get itself elected by cozying up to unions, then proceeded to destroy the most important infrastructure project in the State and to inflict on our young an education curriculum designed by advocates for pedophilia.

Here are six policies which can win the hearts and minds of sane Victorians.

Law and Order

The Victorian Labor government, the leadership of the Victorian Police and the entire left wing media establishment are in denial over the fact that Victoria has a problem with African gangs. Africans commit crime at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the population in Victoria, yet we are regularly treated to the farcical line that non-Africans still commit more crime.

We need police to be empowered to uphold the law and arrest violent criminals, and we need to ensure that the courts uphold the law and inflict appropriate sentences on violent criminals rather than perpetuating the ridiculous concept of therapeutic jurisprudence.

Scrap Safe Schools

A program promoted as an anti-bullying program turns out to be a program which attempts to normalise homosexuality to young children, bullies opponents into accepting it and is designed by people who have openly advocated for pedophilia. The Liberal Party has vowed to scrap it. There needs to be a Royal Commission too. Followed by show trials.


Do you know what would be a really good idea? Build a tunnel which links the Eastern Freeway to City Link and provides a quick, easy way for people to get from the East of Melbourne to the West, without having to battle through the hellish traffic of the inner north.

Nah, forget it.

Stop the Unions

Just roll right over them. Establish a perpetual Royal Commission into Union Corruption until every single one of those thugs is in jail.

Sane Road Laws

You know how you will drive for two kilometres at 40 kilometres an hour along a freeway, until you pass once guy mowing the lawn on the median strip, then travel at 40 kilometres an hour for another three kilometres until the “end roadwork” sign. Repeat five kilometres later.

You know what I am talking about.

Another Royal Commission is not out of the question for this one.

Reliable Energy

Victoria should have built new coal-fired power stations years ago. Nuclear would be ideal.

Outlaw SAlt, CARF and Antifa

No need for a Royal Commission here. There is free speech, and there is treason. Between them, Socialist Alternative, its front group Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, and the bottom feeders of society Antifa, have ensured that any libertarian, conservative or nationalist who tries to hold a public event to discuss their ideas risks physical attack, and will likely get extorted by the police leadership for the privilege of being protected from such thuggery.

These organisations should be banned outright, their leadership thrown in prison, and the shady individuals who back them financially should be exposed and fined for the damage they have caused.

If this is done, Victoria would see a revival of civic life.

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Photo by John Englart (Takver)