Responding to Julian Burnside on Refugees in Australia


Communist activists Julian Burnside has claimed Australia’s refugee policy is the worst in the world.

In reality, Australia has the best refugee policy in the world: we stopped the boats, which meant that people no longer risk their lives to try to get into Australia just by turning up. This policy has saved thousands of lives, and is now being copied by Italy.

Unfortunately, we have one of the worst immigration policies in the world: we let in hundreds of thousands of people every year, clogging our cities, straining our infrastructure, artificially inflating our house prices, and upsetting the demographic balance of our nation.

Ordinary Australians have always been opposed to this, and the opposition is getting stronger. This is why open border advocates such as Julian Burnside have to keep crying “won’t somebody please think of the children”. Nothing must stop the globalist program.

Matty’s Modern Life breaks his arugments down line by line.


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