Poll: 98% of Australians want to ban the burka


The latest Viewer Poll on The XYZ has produced a response that should surprise no-one. Nearly everybody wants to ban the burka:

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This poll result reflects increasing opposition to Islamisation by Europeans, with the Danish parliament making Denmark the latest country to legislate against full-face covering Islamic garb.

This result is significant when we consider that the bulk of Australia’s elites are publicly pro-Islam, and that anybody in the elite sphere who speaks out against the Islamisation of Australia is punished – the impending civil trial of Sonia Kruger is the latest example of this.

The fact that Islamisation and mass immigration in general are not regular topics on mainstream media, nor are they seriously addressed by any of the major political parties, demonstrates how out of touch our elites are with regular indigenous white Australians.

I would close by returning to why I oppose Islam in Australia:

“Three years ago I opposed Islam in the West because of Islamic terrorism, Islam’s foundational incompatibility with Western values, Muslim rape gangs, the second class status of women under Islam, the murder of homosexuals under strict Islamic law, the fact that Islamic armies stole the whole of Europe’s lands in Asia Minor, the Middle East and North Africa, leading to the Dark Ages in Europe and an existential threat to Christendom for over a millennium, the possibility that demographic displacement could lead to the Islamisation of Europe and European lands, and the fact that they cut off little girls’ clitorides.

“Now I oppose Islam simply because Islam is not us.”

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Phuketian.S