Banned by Twitter – They will not silence me


Twitter have suspended me permanently. I knew this day would come eventually. My love of trolling left-wing trigger monkeys was always going to get me banned. The Left don’t like being told the truth, especially not when it’s accompanied with laugh emoji’s and mocking mimicry.

I’ve made a full video for my Video channels and you can watch it when you like but I wanted to write an article for XYZ as well. I go into the exact reason I think I was banned in the video, this article won’t cover it.

Twitter are liars, Facebook are liars, Zuckerberg and Dorsey are bald-face soy ridden liars. When these so-called “platforms” started they were advertised as places for all. Twitter even made the audacious claim of being the “Free Speech Wing of the Free Speech Party.” Facebook still claim to be a platform for “all ideas” but of course this comes with the “but not hate speech” caveat, which we all know means “we are not a place for all ideas.”

It was an insidious lie that got people hooked like a drug dealer offering a small taste of smack before jacking up the price.

The thing about social media is it’s value is a function of the number of people who use it. In other words, the more people on a “platform” the more likely people are to use the “platform.” So by claiming to be platforms for everyone social media are able to attract and lock in users. Then, once people are “locked in” and all their contacts are using the same platform it becomes much harder to stop using.

This is why Facebook are unlikely to die overnight (I’m still hopeful) but it will probably slowly melt away as people move on one by one.

When social media companies change the rules and censor people they are breaking an explicit promise they made in order to grow their platform. Where before it was “we are the free speech platform for all” it becomes “we are a platform for free speech but we don’t allow abuse, oh and we decide what constitutes abuse of course.”

It is akin to signing someone on a lifetime fixed interest mortgage but hiding “we reserve the right to change the rate whenever we like” deep in the terms and conditions.

The “it’s a private company they can do what they like” argument is ridiculous and people need to stop conceding it. No, a “private company” cannot do what it wants. It cannot abuse it’s customers just because they signed up as customers! We literally have a banking royal commission right now exposing banks for doing exactly this.

A private company is subject to the same moral laws as everyone else. When they act deceptively or lie in order to gain people’s business and trust they violate those moral laws. In fact, in Australia they violate consumer law, which is why I made a complaint to the ACCC (every Australian who’s been banned should make a complaint). I don’t expect them to do anything about it but I made the complaint just as everyone should when a company acts in a misleading way.

Big Social Media grew with the promise of being neutral platforms for all. Then, when they gained wealth and power they changed the rules. This is a gross violation of trust. It is a gross violation of user and consumer rights. They need to be held to account for their crimes because that’s what social media censorship is, a crime. It’s fraud, they lied, they said everyone had a place in order to gain market dominance then they started picking and choosing approved opinions.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. I am on Gab and will soon upgrade to “Pro” for a mere $6 a month as everyone should. Gab is not censored, they don’t sell user data to third parties and they actually respect their users because the platform is funded by users.

The same can be said for Minds, a platform like Facebook only it’s better and isn’t censored either.

Come follow me there along with The XYZ, don’t forget to follow XYZ on Gab too. Facebook algorithm changes have hurt this website just like everyone else who isn’t a Marxist shill. Algorithm changes are another form of censorship and are another blatant broken promise. If you are a “platform for all” then political leaning should not be a part of any algorithm.

Ultimately, I am still confident about freedom of speech on the internet in the long-run. Facebook and Twitter are going to die as people seek out new and interesting content. The Streisand effect means every time someone is banned their content becomes instantly more attractive.

We may need to go through dark times to get there but once we are out the other end these censorious scumbags will wonder where it all went wrong.

Until then I won’t shut up and neither should you.

You can visit MattysModernLife at Minds, Maker Support, BitChute and Gab.