Quote of the Day: Menzies on outlawing communism

From ABC Radio National; On Asian nationalism.

Quote of the Day comes courtesy of Robert Menzies, via Rod Lampard:

‘It is a childish idea that the fifth column springs miraculously into existence when a war is on. It is carefully prepared and organised in advance. By strike and sabotage, it conducts its own Cold War and the success of that war depends upon the strength, or weakness, of the community in which it operates. We would not have tolerated a fifth column in Australia from 1939 to 1945. We certainly do not propose to tolerate one in 1950, at a time when militant communism, checked for the time being in western Europe, is moving east and south-east to carry out its plans to put down democracy and to usher in the revolution.’

(Sir Robert Menzies, 27th April 1950. Bill to Outlaw & Dissolve the Australian Communist Party.)

Perhaps he meant the Australian Greens…

It’s your XYZ.

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