Thought for the Day: Jordan Peterson followed the Golden Rule

I’m a professional psychologist. From YouTube.

Tonight I saw Jordan Peterson speak at the Melbourne Recital Centre, along with several thousand other good looking and intelligent Melbournians (we do exist). Expect a review of the event on these pages tomorrow morning, but I wanted to leave a little thought here.

I told a friend today that I was going to see Jordan Peterson tonight, and they asked me “who’s he?” I told him that he is a Canadian professor who became famous when he spoke out against enforcing the mandatory use of people’s preferred gender pronouns.”

Then I realised how insane that is.

Never in my wildest dreams in my youth had I imagined I would utter a sentence using those words in that order. It is just a little bit of a red pill.

Peterson has set an example by publicly criticising the insanity that is the Cultural Marxist domination of the Western discourse. The other example he sets is that like Jim Molan, like Donald Trump, he followed the Golden Rule, as pointed out today by Adam Piggott:

Not apologising can make you a success.

Never apologise, always escalate. Jordan Peterson refused to apologise. Then he did countless interviews, produced more of his own videos and went on a worldwide speaking tour.

That is some escalation.