Say hello to the alt-shite


Trump’s signing of the omnibus bill has caused a simultaneous outpouring of rage from his most diehard supporters on the dissident right. The many are forthrightly declaring the same things: MAGA is over; we were stupid to vote for Trump; the dream is gone; the democrats are celebrating when they don’t even control the Senate; Obama would have signed this so Trump is now Obama, you get the picture.

Ann Coulter has worked herself up into possibly her biggest tizzy on record which is really saying something. John Derbyshire is convinced that this is the end. Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson and Gavin McInnes spent the entire day not getting it on Twitter. The weak kneed, the fair-weather friends, and the shrinking violets have all unanimously jumped from the Trump train in a very public manner. And my favorite?

Stefan Molyneux, of course.

Stefan, like Ann, was a huge Trump supporter. But hell hath no fury like an emotional, intellectual and feeling man scorned.

The first thing that all of these weaklings got wrong, (and there are so many more that I haven’t bothered to list), is the idea that Trump signed a budget. This is a spending bill, not a budget. A budget is a hard and fast allocation of money that must be adhered to, while a spending bill is the Congress telling the president what they would like him to spend money on. The thing is that he doesn’t have to follow any of it at all, just the parts that he likes. In fact it gives Trump almost complete freedom to do what he wants with the money.

So he will use it in the short term to keep the military funded while he continues with his 5D chess strategies around the world. He will use it to green light a whole bunch of contracts for the Corps of Army Engineers to build some sort of wall thing down there on the southern border.

But funding Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities? Please, spare me.

If the democrat leaders are jumping in the aisles and publicly high-fiving each other then you can bet the house that Trump has them right where he wants them. This is Trump’s Battle of the Coral Sea, and he most certainly is not the Japs. Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak.

The bed wetters claim to know history but collectively they don’t seem to possess a memory that lasts longer than one week. You do remember Trump’s tariffs that he pushed through, right? He even fucked Australia in the process. The guy means business.

One thing that this bunch of losers have in common is that they are part of what is known as the alt-lite. You know, those guys who hate us on the alt-right for our biological realism, sorry – racism. But lite is a pretty good moniker for them. They are akin to the balsa wood of the logging industry. Their despair is pathetic. Even more so when you consider what the alternatives are because there are no alternatives. They’re off the Trump train and now what exactly? They’re going to support a Zuckerberg run? They’ve jumped off the Trump train into a world of pure limbo. They’ve abandoned Trump for exactly nobody which is beyond pathetic. It’s simply abysmal.

Which is why the alt-lite label is no longer relevant. For all of you public commentators who have now officially abandoned Trump for the comfort of your security blankets, from now on I’m referring to you as the alt-shite. I think that it’s got a nice ring to it.

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