Hilarious protests in Europe against ethnic cleansing by ethnic cleansers


Train stations in London have been shut down due to protests by one group of people from the Middle East complaining about another group of people from the Middle East:

“Services at London’s King’s Cross and Manchester Piccadilly ground to a halt as both stations were closed amid pro-Kurdish demonstrations.

“Waving flags in support of a number of Kurdish organisations, demonstrators jumped onto the tracks at Manchester Piccadilly and attempted to climb overhead line equipment.

“Hours later, King’s Cross was closed after dozens of protesters gathered outside. Both were later reopened.

“Similar events took place across Europe in support of Afrin, the besieged Syrian city which Kurds claim is being “ethnically cleansed” by the Turkish military.”

This reminds me of a line from the movie Babe:

“I don’t think you realise how much the other animals are laughing at you.”

Why? Headlines like this:

Census reveals white Britons as minority in capital for first time

If the Kurds are being culturally enriched in their homeland, they should embrace it. If the minorities enriching the land they currently inhabit (which was probably stolen from a former indigenous population, so they probably don’t deserve it anyway) are forcefully protesting against the dominant narrative of the majority, they should question why these minorities feel so aggrieved and consider making lots of concessions to them.

“Images on social media showed protesters sitting on train tracks with yellow banners in support of the YPG (People’s Protection Units), a Kurdish militia group.”

The YPG flag is almost indistinguishable from the gay flag:

“Some read: “Stop Turkey from helping ISIS terrorists”.

I know, we could arm and fund another militia in the area which isn’t extremist at all and they could beat ISIS, and then everybody will love happily ever after.. oh, wait..

“Turkey regards the YPG as a terrorist group, although it is not a proscribed organisation.

“The government in Ankara has accused the YPG of supporting another armed Kurdish organisation, the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party), which is considered a terrorist group by NATO.”

You catch that? Me neither.

My favourite bit in the following video is where people from the Middle East call on Western governments to intervene in the affairs of the Middle East:

I have a better idea. How about Western governments pull out all their military assets from the Middle East. We don’t need any of it any more, thanks to fracking. The Middle East is literally of no use to us. In return, everybody from the Middle East currently living in the West goes back to the Middle East, and we’ll never bother them again. If they have a dispute over who gets what and where, they can fight each other for it. If they win, yay! If they die, they died fighting for their country.

Either way, we ignore them.

All of them.