XYZ Livestream #2 – FISA Memo, Australian Open, Elon Musk and Welfare


Here is the FAQ Livestream for Monday February 5.

Unfortunately Adam Piggot was unable to join us. In his absense David And Matty discussed the following topics, among others:

  • The fact that the head of the Australia Tennis Open should be thanking the Victorian people, not the Victorian government – it is from the people after all that the government gets the money to fund the Open.
  • The potential for the FISA memo to dynamite the Washington swamp, regardless of the MSM’s attempts to discredit it.
  • The importance of stopping immigration and dismantling the welfare state in order to restore the demographic balance, both in the US and Australia.
  • Is Elon Musk a crony capitalist snake-oil salesman, or is he Han Solo?
  • Multiple plugs for Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey, which you can purchase by following the link on the right hand column.

You can tune in next Monday night at 9pm for The XYZ’s next FAQ livestream.