Thought for the Day: The left will never leave us alone


In order to defeat our enemy, we must know our enemy. This is why we regularly focus on the fact that the left always projects, and the left never stops. The last few days I was reminded of another crucial aspect regarding our common Marxist enemy:

The left will never leave us alone.

David Hilton remarked recently:

“You can see it everywhere, once you know to look. As this agenda has progressed, straight white men have retreated out of the public sphere and into sport, porn and video games.

“Now those last bastions of implicit white identity have fallen. You can’t even play Civilization now without getting nuked by Shaka Zulu.”

As Hilton has pointed out, there is no retreat, no haven to find peace. Civilization Was programming us long before Gamergate. Now the greatest sport on the world, the AFL, has been turned into a complete joke, and the Cultural Marxists are even finding new ways to weaponise porn (a deliberate subversive strategy from the start) against us.

So then, why won’t the left ever leave us alone? Thought for the Day, courtesy of Dalrock, via Adam Piggott gives us the clue:

“Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems.”

The left will never leave us alone, because they need us.

It’s your XYZ.