How Senator Jim Molan beat the Left, and why it matters


About this time last week things weren’t looking that good for newly minted Liberal Senator Jim Molan.

He had been attacked by Racial Discrimination Commissar Tim Shitpossum, Numerous figures in the Labor Party, the Guardian, the ABC, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Islamic Council, the widower of slain British parliamentarian Jo Cox and seemingly the entire left side of the Australian political class (which is most of it).

The Greens were particularly aggressive; Senator Hanson-Young called Molan a “White Supremacist”, and Party Leader Richard Di Natale and lower house MP Adam Bandt called him a “Coward” and a “War criminal”.

His crime? Posting factual and accurate videos on Facebook that had first been shared by British anti-islamisation group Britain First and which depicted acts of violence by Muslims against Europeans.



Posted by Britain First on Friday, 10 March 2017

We all know this script. The brilliant modern day political philosopher Vox Day described it in his seminal book “SJWs Always Lie”. The left attack a supposed wrong thinker from all sides at once; attempting to cut them off from all potential bases of support and forcing them to issue a grovelling apology for daring to do or say something leftists disagree with.

Retired Major General Molan decided to do something different; instead of dropping to the floor and crawling on his belly before the high priests of the left and begging their forgiveness for his transgression he decided to fight back.

First he declared that he had no regrets and nothing to feel ashamed of. He then threatened to sue Adam Bandt unless the limp wristed fool apologised, refused to accept that apology when it was offered, and then figuratively forced him down onto bended knee to offer a better one.

He stared down the entire media, political and establishment mob, looked them dead in the eyes and told them “I don’t care what you people think”.

This seriously disturbed the left. This isn’t how the script is supposed to go. As Fairfax federal press gallery correspondent Jacqueline Maley summed it up:

“The social media cycle of shame: public figure gets caught out posting something inappropriate or offensive on their Twitter or Facebook account, he or she is publicly excoriated for it, the public figure apologises, he or she removes the offending material, and public debate moves on.”

And by the debate “moving on” she of course means “further to the left”.

The atypical response seriously disturbed Ms Maley. In her mind Molan refusing to play the baited bear had “helped to give extremism a respectable face”.

Most journalists seemed be genuinely puzzled as to why the rabbit wouldn’t run. Latika Bourke, the totally-not-a-diversity-hire also of Fairfax, wrote an entire article asking “Why is it so hard for Jim Molan to apologise?”

Both Fairfax writers tried to tie the Britain first group to the killing of MP Jo Cox and the vehicle attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London, neither of which had any connections at all to the Britain First organisation.

It’s almost as if the evil guilt by association for terrorist acts we hear constantly denounced by the left suddenly becomes entirely acceptable when the perpetrators are white.
The “why won’t he apologise” refrain was echoed by Katharine Murphy, the Guardian Australia’s political editor. Murphy questioned why Molan wouldn’t apologise when “even Donald Trump” had done so.

She was referring to an interview that Trump had conducted with his odious leftist long-time associate Piers Morgan where the President had offered a qualified act of contrition for retweeting similar videos.

Murphy’s use of this apology to attack Molan shows why they wanted the apology in the first place and why Trump shouldn’t have given in to his friend. If they can make you crawl then they can use your crawling as a stick to beat others down into a crawling position. It’s not about offence; it’s never been about offence. It’s about shutting down the ability of you and people like you to disagree with them.

On some level Jim Molan seems to understand this and thankfully some of his colleagues (even more left leaning ones like Turnbull) seem to be waking up as well.

This is the only string in the left’s bow. This is all they have. Saul Alinsky laid it out in print in 1971 and it’s been used by the left in various iterations ever since. They take a target, freeze it, personalise it and cut it off from potential support. They then bombard it into submission and then use that submission to attack the next target, always moving the window of acceptable opinion further left.

They’ve been using the same playbook for four decades now. After all, why would they change? Unless they run into one of the rare men like Senator Molan who actually have balls in their pants it works every time. As this case shows, not even Trump is immune.

This is how the Left win. They don’t debate or even argue in good faith. They instead pounce when someone expresses a sufficiently non-leftist thought and harry that person into submission. This then serves as an example to the general population. The higher status the person the more pressure is brought to bear. The leftists want those who disagree with them to think “If they can take down Andrew Bolt, or Margaret Court or Cooper’s Brewery or a sitting Senator what chance do I have?”

The Left understands that by standing up to them and surviving, Molan has made it more acceptable for people to voice concerns about Islamic immigration that leftists don’t want spoken about in the public sphere. Jaqueline Maley voices the concern of the establishment when in her article she writes:

“What is deplorable and disgusting is the way such (right-wing) groups consistently hack away at the middle ground of Western political debate in order to normalise ideas previously considered too wacky to be acceptable.. …The far-right movement could not ask for a better or more respectable front than the office of a Liberal senator with an honourable record of military service.

You only need a brief perusal of the social media accounts of our country’s journalists, academics and “opinion makers” to see that the left are livid; expect a further barrage of attacks against Senator Molan in the months and even years ahead. But in this round it’s clear who was victorious.

Some of the worst people in our society, some of the most powerful people in our society, some of the people who bear the most responsibility for the decline of our society are currently angry, bewildered and confused because a 67 year old man stood up to them instead of begging when they demanded it.

If Jim Molan does nothing else but rest his posterior on the red leather seats of the Senate for the remainder of his term in office he will have done himself, his past service, his family and his country proud.

Well done Jim, well done.