Quote of the Day: Hacking away at the middle ground

Adam “Coward” Bandt.

Lucas Rosas has today provided an excellent summary of Jim Molan’s victory over the leftist establishment. Some commenters I have seen across the conservative forums seem to think that he let Adamm Bandt off the hook, but I think this misses that point that if more conservatives learn from and apply this lesson – ie, when the left attack you for telling the truth, tell them to get stuffed – the left will have to find other ways to shut us up, and I think we will be able to handle that just fine..

Quote of the Day comes courtesy of an XYZ reader who articulated what I was thinking as I prepped the article, regarding the unintentionally hilarity of a certain socialist journalist:

That quote from Jacqueline Maley… “What is deplorable and disgusting is the way such (right-wing) groups consistently hack away at the middle ground of Western political debate in order to normalise ideas previously considered too wacky to be acceptable.. “

Uhm… I think the stupid tart will find that it is the left who are hacking away at the middle ground to normalise ideas previously considered too wacky to be acceptable. Just 20 years ago, the idea that two queers could get “married” was little more than a joke, yet here we are. Now they are moving onto normalising transvestites and teaching buggery in schools. They are trying to normalise the idea of open borders, and trying to normalise the most mysoginistic and violent religion on the planet while at the same time normalising hatred of Christianity. In my short lifetime, all of these ideas have gone from wacky to mainstream courtesy of the constant belligerence of the lefturds.

I would add that anybody who employs, in the current year, the term “deplorable” in an unironic attempt to deride one’s conservative opponent, should be laughed out of their job.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by John Englart (Takver)