Quote of the Day: Diversity is our gun violence


There is a meme which has been doing the rounds, which provides a reality check to the regressive left mantra that “diversity is our strength”:

Before people start screaming Russian bots, this one checks out. A diversity map of the United States, county by county, has been put together by some guys who adapted a grid-charting system used for mapping the craters of Mars for the Muslim Outreach Agency (NASA) which you can view here.

You can check out a gun violence map here.

And to really throw the cat amongst the pigeons, here is a map of gun ownership in the US:

For some analysis, Black Pigeon Speaks points to study after study which demonstrates that diversity leads to a breakdown in social capital, community cohesion and trust:


“We have inherited an absolute mess similar to the post-communist states of the 1990’s. Both civilisational failures were built on the hubris of ideologues that convinced themselves they could create the perfect utopian societies. The only difference was when communism fell and the dust settled, Warsaw was still filled with Poles as was Budapest with Hungarians and Prague with Czechs…”

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