On Demographic Displacement of Europeans


This article was originally published on July 24, 2017.

So, we all know that the three most intelligent races, on average, are East Asians, Jews, and Europeans, in that order. Let us imagine that there was another race, from some parallel dimension, more intelligent than all three combined.

Imagine that this super-intelligent race were of the whitest skin, the bluest eyes, and the fairest hair you’d seen, that they averaged two metres tall, the men with square shoulders and bold natures, the women curvy, yet modest, and a beauty so pure you could barely look at their faces for five seconds without tearing up.

Angels. Elves. Whatever.

Pretend that the farts which emanated from the backsides of these beings cleansed the air of all impurities, restored the ozone layer, halted global warming AND global cooling, so that the temperature and environment was perfect, everywhere.

Naturally, these superhumans would have transcended religion, politics, culture, so that there was no war wherever they existed, no pain, no suffering, no disease. Everyone within their sphere would be completely accepted, so utterly, that one forgot that intolerance and hate could even exist.

Imagine that they even played football the way it was back in the 1980s, they ate bacon and chocolate every day, and their popular music always had guitar solos.

If these people were to come to the West in massive numbers, and reproduce so heavily that they out-populated us within several generations, if we were to look at ourselves and our own culture and history, and despise both in comparison, to the extent that we decided, whether consciously or not, to let ourselves die out to make way for these better creatures, it would be wrong.

The point of this thought experiment is to understand that: although we are correct to point to increasing crime committed by Third World migrants in the West, to warn of the financial strain caused by mass immigration on Western economies already deeply in debt, and even to highlight the evils of Shariah Law and the history of Islam which has committed mass genocide, enslaved millions, and stolen half the lands of Classical Western civilisation, the guiding principle on which we oppose mass immigration and the denigration of European history, culture and identity, is that we have a right to exist, in and of itself.

It does not matter if the people being used by globalist elites to systematically replace the European race come from the most backward regions of the world, or if they were to come from a parallel dimension millions of years more advanced than our own. Nobody has the right to displace Europeans. This is our land, our identity, and we have a right to both.