XYZ LIVE on Australia Day – Jordan Peterson, Change the Date and MGTOW


Here is the latest episdoe of Frequently Asked Questions on The XYZ.

David Hiscox, Matty’s Modern Life and David Hilton started off with the topic of Australia Day and the left’s all out assault on the identity of our nation.

Discussion moved to Jordan Peterson’s epic interview with Cathy Newman on British television, and how she appeared completely unprepared for any of his answers.

Finally, in response to a viewer question, discussion moved to the MGTOW movement, how it is understandable that men do go their own way, but how it is important to fight for our civilisation.

This was the first episode of Frequently Asked Questions to be live streamed, and we are grateful to Matty for hosting the live stream after several technical difficulties.

It’s your XYZ.