Vikings ravaged by PC onslaught


Daniel Tobin

The phenomenon of women wanting to be men is a recent thing and has been lead by the 3rd wave feminist movement. You would think the feminist movement would be about women being strong capable women, not seeing men as the ideal and trying to be masculine.

But in the current crazy world, feminists want to be like men, and women who want to be feminine and take pride in being women and mothers are ridiculed by feminists. The true sign of madness is they can’t seem to see or comprehend this obvious irony.

This trend of feminist women wanting to be men has infected our movies and TV shows, The Last Jedi is the most recent and talked about, Atomic Blonde the most ridiculous. The show I would like to discuss is the Vikings TV series where recently almost half the warriors are women, and these women are shown besting men in single-handed combat.

I am sure there was the odd female shield maiden but not thousands of them, I don’t think a society would last long if almost every man and woman in your village charged off to war. It makes a lot more sense for the men to go off and get chopped up and the women stay home and raise the next brood of shield wall meat.

The show has slowly become more PC and feminist as the series has progressed. At the beginning, it was only Ragnar’s wife Lagertha who was fighting and that was only after practically beating Ragnar up to make him take her on his next voyage – that was believable, a strong-willed woman physically proving to her man that she has what it takes to be on a shield wall, fair enough.

But as the series has moved on, there are more and more women fighting on the front lines. I think if you asked any Viking war band worth their salt if they would like to fight 50 male warriors or 200 screeching females they would choose the 200 women, not just to shut them up but because it would be an easy massacre. Feminists would love us to believe that women can be equal to men in the physical realm; of course, there are incredibly strong, fit women out there but these are the exception to the rule. In any war at any time in history, if you had only women fighting men we all know who would win and win easily.

In season 4 of Vikings, Lagertha was in a lesbian relationship with a tattooed-side-of-her-head-shaved angry looking women who wouldn’t look out of place lecturing a Berkeley College gender studies class. I am not sure historically how accepting Vikings were of lesbian relationships but this issue never comes up in the show.

The other point is all the male characters have visibly and naturally aged over the 20 or so years the series has covered, But Lagertha, even after having children and fighting in numerous battles hardly looks a day older. She almost looks younger than her first son Bjorn, another feminist fantasy of remaining young forever while men get old and bent.

Another hard-to-believe moment in Series 4 was when the Vikings raided the Spanish city Algeciras. Killing a lot of people as they scoured the city for loot, they come across an Islamic mosque during prayer time and decided not to harm any of the men who peacefully carried on praying, while these axe-wielding murderous men walked around their mosque. So in this new SJW Vikings world, Christian monks are massacred easily and without mercy, symbols of Christianity are torn down and churches destroyed – which is all historically accurate and fine, but not touching a single Muslim while they are praying is a little hard to believe, and seems to have a strong whiff of politically correct influence.

Vikings was my favourite TV show, but now it has fallen victim to the current scourge of our culture and society – SJW, feminist, PC small minded people. Why the creators of these shows allow this to happen is beyond me. All I can think of is the market they are trying to appeal to; women and girls spend more money or are more susceptible to advertising than someone like me, a 43-year-old male. As Jordan Peterson said in the now famous Channel 4 interview, women make 80% of consumer decisions. Perhaps that is what it comes down to, the advertising dollar. Or does it run deeper?

I can almost forgive this fantasy of women being as strong as men in fictional films, but when it is happening in a series that is supposed to be historically accurate it makes my blood boil. I love watching historically accurate shows so we can learn about our past while being entertained with blood and gore, but to twist history to suit a political and social narrative is wrong on every level.