So To Speak – We Have To Act, Otherwise It’s Over

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

The following transcribed exchange is taken from the new podcast So To Speak – Episode 3 hosted by based Volunteer Consultant @ US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Jared Howe and his guest Christopher Cantwell who is a former political prisoner and current host of Radical Agenda (aka the most entertaining podcast on the Alt Right)

Cantwell: If you capture the municipal government and start disenfranchising tax recipients, if you have a bunch of us (Whites) living in a place like that, you capture the municipal government and it becomes harder for higher authorities to screw with you.

If we are in a place that we control the municipal government, we are not getting fired from our jobs for telling the truth and we can breed safely, we can expand outward from there. It will take generations, but that is the path to the ethno-state.

This is not going to happen in the course of a revolution or whatever. We can’t overthrow the government of the United States and then make the country White. The idea that we’re going to ethnically cleanse the continent is a fancy idea to some people but it is just not going to happen that way.

So you have to provide people with the incentives for that and it’s going to require some capital.

Jared Howe: In some low time preference too, right? I mean the vast majority of the communists, the foot soldiers in the communist movement, they might not have that, they might not have the low time preference, but the intellectuals behind the movement did. They understood that it would be a hundred year revolution that they would have to march through the institutions, and that’s exactly what they did, and it’s exactly what we’re going to have to do if we want to recapture our country and get these people out of power.

Cantwell: Right, and we’re at a significant disadvantage, because it’s not like we can just import help. When your goal is to destroy you don’t need to worry about the quality of your army, you just bring in more and more people, and the worse the better. So it puts us at a significant disadvantage in that regard, because you have to be more selective than them.

But with geographic concentration we have the advantage.

Jared Howe: The only reason we (White people) have to worry about our number is because they are importing these people. It wouldn’t really matter if our population fluctuated a little bit, because that could happen.

We wouldn’t have to have a constantly growing population to have a prospering thriving population. We don’t need to be producing 6-7 children per family, we could get away with 2-3 children per family. The imperative comes when they’re dropping Somalians on us who have 6-12 children per family and suddenly we find ourselves outnumbered in this democratic system.

But we can’t even vote in our own interests, we can’t speak in our own interests because we’re removed from Facebook and this is just a microcosm of what happens in places like South Africa. Look at the White people there. If you want South Africa to be the model of the entire world, which is what the communists do, they should keep doing what they’re doing.

But we’ve got to walk a tightrope between having low-time preference and a sense of urgency, because we can’t just sit around and do nothing about this at the same time.

Cantwell: Yes that is a difficult calculation to make. Because, as you point out, the time preference versus the urgency. People are biding their time while the world is destroyed around them, and that is something that can be extremely dangerous for us as well, because that’s exactly what the Democrats are trying to do.

These people (Democrats) who think that the Federal government is absolutely life or death, that the Federal government needs to micro-manage every aspect of the human condition while they are in power, and then they can just shutdown the Federal government and sit there and wait for the Republicans to cave when they’re not.

They know that all they have to do is wait, because if nothing changes they’ll win, and we have to act more intentionally and rapidly otherwise it’s going to be over.