Thought for the Day: I do not know or profess to having the answer


Old Cliffie

In yesterday’s Daily Mail AU edition, the report on kids running amok in Mt. Isa is typical of their reports. They do not mention that these kids are Aboriginal, but just look at the photos:

Screenshot from DailyMail.

The parents of these kids take no responsibility; my god they cannot even care for themselves. Most likely they are somewhere bombed out of their brains on booze, drugs or sniffing petrol or glue.

Many years ago I was in Darwin and sitting in a car in a main street. I watched a family of Aboriginals coming out of a bottle shop, Dad with a flagon in each hand, mum the same, as well as older child. The younger kids, three of them, just had just one flagon each.

Later in the day we drove down the street and women were passed out on the centre grass strip with the kids running amok.

I do not know or profess to having the answer.