Quote of the Day: More evidence that Donald Trump is a Time Lord


Just before Christmas, David Hilton produced an astounding article that made all who read it want to believe, if not actually believe, in time travel. He catalogued telling parallels between predicitons made in series of books by Ingersoll Lockwood and the present, leaving one with the distinct impression that Donald Trump just has this ability to know what is going to happen.

Either he possesses such high intelligence that he has the ability to read trends and see patterns in order to position himself to gain an advantage, or he is a Time Lord.

It’s either one or the other.

And the evidence keeps mounting up for the latter.

A couple of days ago, Hollywood witnessed another orgy of emotiveness, this time at the Golden Globes where Oprah (I love Harvey Weinstein) Winfrey gave a #MeToo speech leading “sources” to claim she is considering running for President.

From me.me.

Gloriously, video evidence has emerged of Donald Trump again predicting (kind of) the future:

Did Donald Trump start his psy-op against his 2020 Presidential Election opponent two decades before it started? If so, relax. Daddy has it all figured out.