Guardian writer Jason Wilson’s long list of extremist links


In the timeless classic film Casablanca there is a memorable scene where the Vichy-French Captain Renault, on being asked why he is closing down Rick’s café, responds that he is “Shocked! Shocked to find out that gambling is going on here!”

Of course, in a moment of wonderful comedy, the croupier takes this moment to approach and hand him his winnings.

What makes the scene funny is that Renault is clearly aware of his own double standards and hypocrisy but simply doesn’t care. He’s secure enough in his own power and corruption that he can afford blatant bald faced lies and everyone around him knows it.

Watching Australian journalists respond with spluttering outrage to Channel Seven giving a short interview to the larger than life Blair Cottrell, without sufficiently slandering him, has been also quite amusing. Although I suspect the hypocrites are entirely unaware of how hypocritical they are.

XYZ has already exposed that the original Guardian article written by Melissa Davey excoriating Channel Seven for not mentioning that the person they were interviewing had extremist connections, contained an interview of Tamar Hopkins without bothering to mention her extremist connections.

XYZ also pointed out that only a few dozen hours after ABC presenters from Tom Ballard to Charlie Pickering to Jon Faine slammed the Channel Seven coverage for glorifying extremism and helping to bring violent radical views into the mainstream, the ABC foreign correspondent presented a tongue bathing documentary in loving soft focus, promoting the violent, heavily armed radical extremist group Antifa.

But nothing gets better than the Guardian’s Jason Wilson.

XYZ readers will remember our old friend Jason the Aussie University lecturer who shook our country off like a bad cold and moved to Portland Oregon; one of the most left wing, middle class and above all, demographically white cities in the United States.

Jason Wilson, extremist sympathiser.

Jason doesn’t just point and shriek like his fellow scribblers. No, Jason is much smarter than that. You see according to Jason, Channel Seven not telling their audience about the extremist background of the people they interview isn’t just laziness but a deliberate plot on the part of:

“Tabloids and mainstream politicians (who) have worked long and hard to push ideas that, as a by-product, accord legitimacy to the far right”.

So again to make it perfectly clear, Jason is saying that not telling your audience about the extremist backgrounds of those you quote or interview is a way to push their ideas into acceptability, and accord their radical ideologies legitimacy.

So perhaps Jason could tell us why, on 27th of September last year he wrote an article quoting Alexander Reid Ross, an avowed Anarchist extremist who supports violence against those whom he considers “Fascists”, a term that according to Alexander includes Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him?

Alexander Reid Ross, anarchist extremist, associate of Jason Wilson. From Twitter.

Maybe Jason could explain why he promoted Reid Ross as an impartial expert when he’s not only a member, but the self-admitted editor of the Journal of “Earth First”, an eco-terrorist group known for sabotage, arson and prematurely exploding car bombs?

Perhaps he could also explain why in the same article he helped plug Alexander’s book, which was produced by an Anarchist publisher which also publishes works by Anarchist Noam Chomsky, Anarchist Howard Zinn and far-left hero/Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal?

Perhaps he could explain why he also quoted Mr. Reid Ross in articles on 10th feb 2017, 14th of June 2017, 23rd june 2017, 20th August 2017. Or why he favourably quoted other well-known extremists without mentioning their extremism such as the Anarchist Shane Burley and Anarchist Matthew Lyons?

Or why he has twice appeared on the Melbourne radio show of Andy Fleming (better known as Slackbastard) and Cam Smith, both prominent organisers of the Melbourne Anarchist scene and the violent extremist group Antifa?

Or why he not only marched alongside members or the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party in Charlottesville as they bashed innocent bystanders but wrote an article praising them as peaceful, without mentioning either their extremist connections or the bloodied bodies they left on the ground?

Damn Jason, you’re starting to collect a whole lot of unanswered questions here.

The idea of a man who so obviously cosies up to the most radical political extremists in Western society today, suddenly feigning outrage at a single interview that didn’t damn one of his political opponents as worse than Satan would be funny, if it weren’t such a representative example of how our elites view the world in which we live.

Extremism of the left is extremism they agree with, or at least sympathise with, so it’s not really extremism at all. Especially when it manifests itself in mob violence against the filthy proles who dare to stir up trouble on issues their betters would prefer kept quiet.

Knowing hypocrisy would in some ways be better – after all a man such as Captain Renault who is two-faced for the sake of his own skin can have a change of heart as he did at the end of the film.

Jason and others like him never will. Jason is a true believer. But it would be nice if just for once he was at least a little bit embarrassed at how ridiculous he looks.

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