A Grumpy Thought: Islam is the Religion of Satan


Islam is the religion of Satan.

But all Western countries, save for a select few like Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, are welcoming with open arms and wallets this rot into our societies.

As a Christian I had learned that the devil, once Lucifer, was the most beautiful angel God created. In my study of Islam, their pedophile, blood-lusting monster Mohammed was approached by “the most beautiful angel ever seen”.

So for those that do follow a faith of some sort, let’s say the trio are real: Judaism, Christianity, and the murder-rape club that is Islam. They stem from the same origins, but they break off, with Judaism still waiting for the coming of the Messiah, Christianity waiting on the second coming of the Messiah, and Islam the bastard child of Abraham.

They are connected in this sense. And the actions of Islam over the other two religions is one of barbarism, destruction, and torment – not one of forgiveness and love – which then gives credit to it being a religion of the devil.

Now before any leftards start jumping down my keyboard about the kiddy-fondling in the Catholic Church, I ask you to name me one organisation or institution, religious or not, that hasn’t had a history of sexual assault.

Oh what about Israel attacking Palestine and constantly being in a state of conflict with its neighbours? What are the Jews surrounded by in the Middle East? Islam. Islam is the tormentor and instigator of the violence.

Everywhere you go there are bad people. In every aspect of life. They are weak, easy to fall into temptation, or just plain evil. Whatever the reason, there are always rotten apples. The difference between atheist, Christian, Jewish, agnostic, Flying Spaghetti Monster rotten apples, and Islam, is that the rotten apples in Islam are the good people.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

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