Christopher Cantwell – “If nobody can say it, nobody can stop it”


The following transcribed exchange is taken from Radical Agenda S03E009 – Kick Off with your humble Alt Right correspondent Christopher Cantwell.

Caller: I’ve seen, I’ve heard people like David Duke debating and they’re quick to point out the influence Jews have in various areas, and obviously you have issues with Jews and the influence that you feel they’re pushing the country in a particular direction.

But I would propose to say that for everything you oppose there are Jews behind it, many are almost everything you support. That means to say for every George Soros there’s a Sheldon Adelson, and I think the point is (and I’m not saying this to be arrogant like “Oh I’m the Chosen people”) but the fact is Jews are very successful. They achieve very high at virtually every area that they enter, and why that is we can study that, we can discuss that, maybe it’s something to be emulated.

For example you have some very Libertarian tendencies from what I can remember from your interview with VICE, some of the leading Libertarians were Jews. If you’re capitalist, some of the leading capitalists are Jewish. If you’re communist, some of the leading communists are Jews. So Jews have through their leadership in virtually every area have obviously caused harm, but at the same time caused tremendous good.

I think the point is the Jews don’t have a single agenda. If you look at the Pew research, even when you talk about Israel that Jews have some agenda towards Israel, the majority of American Jews are not particularly pro-Israel.

So there’s no one single agenda you can point to and say Jews are working towards XYZ.

I’m a Jew who happens to have very conservative views on almost every issue and some very Libertarian views. Other Jews have completely opposite views. So I wanted to hear what you thought about that.

Cantwell: Yeah, look I’ve never been of the opinion that Jews are of a monolith, and I understand that they’re certainly capable of providing value in a society, and I’d be the last person to ever deny that.

The thing is that my observation is, the reason that I believe they find themselves in the positions that they find themselves in, is because on average they have higher IQs and that has to do with eugenic processes and breeding practices that go back to their religion.

I’m the last person to deny the benefits of intelligence. The reason why I ended up down this rabbit hole (if you’re not already aware) was that I got fired from radio for talking about race and IQ with the Blacks and their lower IQs and then a bunch of people were calling me a White supremacist. I thought that was ridiculous because I’m like “Well if I’m a White supremacist because of IQ, then that would imply that I’m a Jewish supremacist and I don’t understand your logic here.”

So the problem is not that they are doing one thing, the problem is not that they’re all conspiring together. The problem is specifically that they find themselves in these positions of power and then they use it to their ethnic interests and from whatever position they happen to be.

So you take (for example) that Jews are largely leading the discussion of Leftist horsesh-t that’s destroying my country right now. But of course you have them on the Right too, to the extent that you can consider Neo-Conservatism Right-wing, and so what you end up with is they’re dominating both sides of my political discussion and they’re both incredibly destructive to my society.

So it’s impossible for me not to notice the pattern that Jewish influence is having on things that I care about. We had Kevin MacDonald on the show recently, we were talking about what they do in the social sciences, and so these problems that I’m identifying in every single place that I’m finding them I’m finding Jews, and as soon as I start to mention that there is a Jewish component to it, I’m chased out of polite society and shunned from the banking system and assaulted.