Milo rocks Melbourne


Last night I attended the Melbourne show of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Troll Academy Tour at the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington. I was accompanied by several friends, including Matty from Matty’s Modern Life. Aware that several scuffles had been instigated by Antifa and the Socialist Alternative-linked CARF, we parked our vehicles a safe distance away and used the good walk to vlog. Matty’s Modern Life will be putting together a video of the night over the next couple of days.

When we arrived, police had done a tremendous job ensuring safe access to the venue. A small mob of far-left extremists were allowed to hurl the word “nazi” at us from behind a barricade, while riot police ran up and down the length of the barrier. I waved at the communists. Matty emulated Maggie Thatcher, blowing kisses.

Inside the venue, the atmosphere was akin to a foyer before a prog rock concert, although considerably less nerdy. The ratio of men to women was about 70:30, the men being mostly young and well-groomed, and the women were a good sort. The “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant got going, but we mostly just chatted amongst ourselves. Once seated, Ross Cameron (filling in for Mark Latham) revved up the crowd before the main attraction got going.

Milo’s speech was highly entertaining, and he had my attention the whole way through. He has a suave, arrogant yet likeable persona which he plays to perfection, and when he is funny, he is very funny. He called Clementine Ford a “c—“, pointed out that aboriginal art is “s—“, called Waleed Aly an “idiot and a coward”, referred to the refugees invading Europe as “low-skilled sand wizards”, made jokes about said “low-skilled sand wizards” molesting donkeys in Western petting zoos, and lampooned the near-death Hillary Clinton, all to thunderous approval from the audience.

He cleverly placed his message between these gags. For example, he pointed out that although it may not be the nicest thing in the world to compare Clementine Ford to a tub of butter, Ford and her ilk have for decades been making accusations against any who stand against their far-left bile, the accusations of “racist”, “sexist” etc, which have destroyed careers and destroyed lives. He ridiculed Waleed Aly because Aly perpetuates the myth of the moderate Muslim, and hamstrings a strong Western response to the existential threat Islam poses to the West. He showed how stupid it was to label Polish nationalists “nazis”, praised Australians for expelling its dual citizen, (ie, dual loyalty) MP’s, and reminded us of the scientific fact that children who experience gender dysphoria are not “transgender” but generally grow out of the dysphoria to become homosexuals as adults.

Like any good speaker, he brought us down at the beginning, noting that like America, Australia has lost the freedom which once made it what it was, before he raised the audience up toward the end by praising Australians for leading the charge alongside Americans in taking our civilisation back.

I must however issue a strong word of caution regarding Milo’s message. His ideas are mostly sound. He argues rightly that the West is best, and that it is built on principles such as democracy, the free market, rule of law and most importantly, free speech. Where he is wrong is in his claim that the West is not defined by the colour of skin. It is a ludicrous statement. All of these principles were borne out of Western, ie, European, ie, White Civilisation. We are not fighting against the Islamisation of our nations, only to make them safe havens for free market and democratically-minded Asians, Africans and Latin Americans.

Identity matters. Ethnicity, blood and heritage matter. To say this, does not make one a national socialist who wants to exterminate other races. To say this and to live this is to acknowledge who we are, and to keep alive the ethnic heritage of our forefathers, who alongside a great deal of achievements, defeated the national socialists. Our forefathers identified as white Europeans who loved their country and defined their country by ethnicity, and this was a crucial factor which motivated them to defeat the national socialists.

We have been conditioned to believe that if we embrace ethnic nationalism we are all going to become national socialists. This is an ideological trap laid for us by the left for two reasons: firstly, it distracts us from the reality that deaths under the national socialist regime were under a tenth the number of deaths under communism; secondly, it prevents us from embracing the ultimate weapon against communism – our identity. Karl Marx argued that a worker in France had more in common with a worker in Germany than he did with an aristocrat in France. Ever since, communism has pushed for internationalism, for globalism to replace nationalism in order to instil its fabled “class consciousness” in the European mind.

Cultural Marxists have expanded the ways in which they can divide the population of a nation against itself, and Cultural Libertarians such as Milo have done a tremendous job blowing what pass for the “ideas” of these Cultural Marxists, ideas such as feminism, islamophobia, cultural appropriation and transgenderism, to smitherines. But until Cultural Libertarians, conservatives and the Alt Light embrace ethnic identity, their critiques of the left’s most potent weapon, the charge of racism, are hollow. They reject the left’s charge, but still live according to the framework set by the left.

Communists want to prevent you from embracing your ethnic identity, being proud of your European heritage, defining nations ethnically, for it to be Okay to be White, because this is the ultimate weapon against Communism. Every mutation of Communist thought has spent the last 100 years socialising people of European heritage into denying their European heritage, in order to remove the ultimate barrier to Communism.

Thus, my main contention with Milo is his continued and explicit rejection of Ethnic Nationalism, of White Nationalism.  Civic Nationalism is an invention of the left, designed to erode the demographic make-up of a people.  It is the key fault line on the right.  I for one will continue to advocate for Ethnic Nationalism.

What impresses me about Milo is his ability to mobilise and energise conservatives and libertarians. Whether Milo and other Cultural Libertarians can bring more normies over to our cause remains to be seen. What he and others can do is win back the centre by exposing the hypocrisy and stupidity of the Cultural Marxists who infest our media, academia and politics. That is his value, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

The post script to this was that the event was a tremendous chance to meet likeminded people, network and make new friends. It was refreshing to see such big support for Milo in the heart of darkness that is Melbourne. I think it raised the spirits of a lot of lone wolf conservatives. It is a lonely life in Melbourne, knowing that if you speak your mind you will be in perpetual arguments with those in your social circle, but if you keep your mouth shut you die from the inside. Conservatives have had enough of the left. We have tolerated their rubbish to the point that it is killing everything we hold dear. Events like the Milo tour give us the chance to start creating the world we want to live in, and that starts with reshaping our own personal spheres.