FAQ Ep. 8: Is Cultural Marxism Real? Milo & OzMedia, JJJ & OzDay and Thotnadogate


In this episode of Frequently Asked Questions, David Hiscox and David Hilton discuss several current affairs issues which influenced Australia this week:

Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour of Australia, the panic this caused in several of Australia’s MSM outlets, and his subsequent observation that Australian media does not serve the interests the majority of Australians;

Triple J’s cowardly decision to move its Hottest 100 Countdown away from Australia Day, and its weasel-worded attempt to pretend that it was was not a naked act of political bias;

Thotnadogate has hit Australia, with allegations made against several high profile men in the entertainment industry. Setting aside the individual cases, this is a great example of how the left attempts to frame issues to its own advantage;

Tying these all together is the Cultural Marxism which pervades every aspect of modern Western life. Cultural Marxism has worked so well that the left now try to pretend that it does not exist. Hiscox and Hilton demonstrate that it very much does.

P.S. If you have physical notes from your university days, back when leftist academics were still happy to acknowledge Cultural Marxism’s existence, take a photo and send it in to The XYZ. We plan to compile a database.

It’s your XYZ.