Another Car of Peace Attack in Melbourne


Pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD have been the victim of the second car of peace attack this year. Unfortunately, diversity bollards set in place after the first attack this January failed to protect anybody on this occasion.

Naturally, as it is very soon after the attack and too early to draw credible conclusions from a thorough investigation, the police do not believe the attack was terrorism-related:

“A vehicle attack on a busy pedestrian crossing in Melbourne’s Flinders Street which left 14 people in hospital was the work of a mentally ill drug addict, police believe.

“The Australian understands the attack, which occurred at 4.42pm in the heart of downtown Melbourne, is not being treated as terrorism.

“Rather, the driver is thought to be a mentally ill man with a history of addiction to the drug ice.

“It is understood he has no known links to extremism and is not known to counter-terrorism authorities.

“A second man pictured arrested at the scene was unconnected to the attack, The Australian has been told.

“Police have said publicly the attack was deliberate but that the driver’s motive remained unknown.”

The following pictures, believed to be of the two men arrested, has been circulating on social media: