The Modern Christian Fear of Life, the Universe, and Everything


This article was originally published at on November 14, 2017, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

A couple of posts on Dalrock’s blog this morning have put into context for me not just the sordid world of degeneracy that is Disney, but the utter and contemptible failure of Christian men to make any sort of stand on the matter of women and feminism, let alone provide any leadership. Let me be clear by saying that I knew of all of these pieces before, but somehow these two posts hit me between the eyes like a hammer. I actually read the two posts in reverse order so that is the way that I will present them here.

To start with is the Disney movie Frozen, along with a song from the film called Let It Go. I first heard of these works when Vox Day recently mentioned them. The main lyrics to the song are as follows:

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know!

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
I’m free!

This is what Day had to say about it:

“Disney is run by literal satanists preaching Alastair Crowley’s “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” to children. They are one of the primary engine’s of the West’s degeneracy and decline. It is not an accident that everything they touch, in every industry, turns into morally radioactive slime.”

But today Dalrock placed this into context as regards to modern Christianity.

“Children, including Christian children, understand this best of all. They know what their parents worship, what their parents see as righteous (even if their parents fall short of living the ideal). They know that Frozen and Let It Go is a morality tale that teaches them about our most sacred beliefs.”

I decided to watch the video of the song to better understand the forces at work here.

The worship of the self is plainly evident. But I also found the song and its related imagery disturbingly creepy. It brought to mind the arch villain Saruman from The Lord of the Rings, a wizard who gave himself over to corruption.

In the Disney video, as the young woman casts off her previous responsibilities as if they were bondage, she replaces them with what seems to be a wanton lust and enjoyment of power. This is all well and good if the character in question is played as an obvious villain as in the case of Saruman. But according to Dalrock the character of Elsa in Frozen and this song in particular are a source of moral inspiration for girls and women of today. So much so to the extent that individual parishes are using it as a way to teach the bible, or not as the case may be.

Not only have Christian men completely failed to stand against the tide of feminism and its infection and enslavement of women, they now seem to be making the same mistake with children. This video is a case in point of the tail wagging the dog.

“Women and girls learning how to throw off all rules and inhibition is core to our new morality. The song isn’t loved as a guilty pleasure; it is loved as a bold moral declaration. Stop trying to be a good girl and learn to worship yourself is a moral exhortation.”

But it is worse than this. As the video clearly shows, the adults now worship the children as being more wise and perfect than they are. And in doing so these men have clearly reverted to a form of infancy. They are not cavorting in this manner “to be cute” and nor are they doing it so as to attempt to teach the children something. They are doing it as a form of worship, not of God, but of the children.

Which brings me to Dalrock’s post from a day earlier.

“What strikes me about all of this is how curious this will be to future historians trying to understand how our culture became so rapidly debased. That progressive elites owned the commanding heights will be quite easy for future historians to observe, as songs like Let it go, aimed directly at young girls, will make clear.

“What will no doubt puzzle future historians processing the mountain of digital data from our period is where were conservative Christians while all of this was happening? It isn’t just that Christians are passively silent on the very overt feminist rebellion all around us. Modern Christians are so afraid of confronting the rebellion that they aren’t merely silent, they are in active denial that any rebellion is taking place.”

The section in bold really resonated with me, and in particular the word afraid. As a Christian boy growing up I went to Sunday school to learn about the Bible. And one of the lessons that really stuck with me was the lack of fear in Christians. They were literally thrown to the lions in Roman arenas, to be torn apart for sport. And they stood there without showing any fear. Their faith supported them in their terrible moment of need. And the spectators watching saw this and they wondered at this inner fortitude and from where it came. And thus Christianity spread until it became the official religion of the Roman empire.

We learned of saints dying for their faith and showing no fear. Death was not a problem. It was merely one more step that all of us get right the very first time. We were taught not to fear death for death itself.

But the modern Christian does fear death. Worse than that, he fears life itself. How else to explain the monstrous cowardice that men of the church constantly display in the face of such terrible foes as feminists and corporations such as Disney? It almost seems that being torn apart by lions is as nothing as compared to having to tell a woman of your congregation that not only can she not have it all, but attempting to do so goes against the teachings of Christianity.

Islam is gaining such an ascendancy in the West not because it is strong but because the opposition is so lamentably weak. We have grown soft and debased in our world of success. We have so many comforts that each additional material item makes us more afraid of everything that we stand to lose. Christian men placate and absolve their sinful wives not because they wish to keep together their families, but more because they do not want to lose their stuff.

It is not feminists that are destroying families. It is men who are allowing it to happen. The Church used to be a bastion of leadership. Now it seeks to place its wisdom and leadership in children. Perhaps this will only truly reach its awful conclusion when a ten-year-old girl is installed as Pope.