Milo Slams Coward Aussie Media


Milo has unloaded on Australia’s cowardly, Cultural Marxist media. Channel 10’s the Project and Studio 10 have mysteriously had their schedules filled, and Karl Stefanovic of Channel 9’s Today show has gone on holiday.

Here are some choice Milo words:

“Waleed Aly, Karl Stefanovic and Jessica Rowe are too scared to interview me. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from a remarkable run of cancellations from some of Australia’s top TV shows, ahead of my sold-out tour.

“These are some of the highest-paid, highest-profile and supposedly brave journalists in the country. But they’re frightened of debating a gay guy with opinions that differ from theirs – in their own studios, on their own home turf. What’s going on?”

Little Wally has learned the hard way that libertarian cross-dressers are not to be trifled with.

Jessica Rowe is probably still getting over her chemo:

Karl, well, yeah it’s Karl. And Sunrise are nowhere to be seen. Cowards the lot of them.

Here’s the crux of it:

“Australia is becoming a key battleground in the culture wars. But your elites – the people who run your universities, entertainment industry, media and politics – are increasingly out-of-step with the public on issues like Islam, feminism, immigration, free speech and of course Donald Trump – Daddy, as I like to call him – whom many Australians admire.”

The dying media are desperate to control the narrative for as long as they are still around. The resistance to the Cultural Marxist narrative is growing steadily, and try as they might, the legacy cannot stop the signal.

“My experience demonstrates two facts which are becoming obvious to Australians frustrated with their politically-correct media. Firstly, that Australia’s press is irretrievably left-wing, infested with bien pensant feminists and hand-wringers. In other words, your media establishment doesn’t serve at least half the population, because it is biased.

“Secondly, your journalists and TV hosts are cowards. It’s amazing that Australia’s media is running scared of a harmless homosexual who happens to have some different ideas. And it’s shameful, too. If I’m as much of a lightweight and a clown as they claim, they should be able to demonstrate so with a few minutes of live television.

“Actually, I think they’re worried I might be too persuasive, reasonable and of course handsome to sit opposite them.

“The good news is, their days are numbered.”

Milo just summarised the reason for the existence of The XYZ and a growing band of like-minded media outlets. The XYZ is dedicated to serving the interests of the silent majority of Australians who value free speech, lower taxes and the right to be left alone, Western civilisation and securing the existence of our people. It is in this spirit that reiterate our call for the Australian government to transfer half of the ABC’s budget to The XYZ so we can address the Marxist bias which currently inflicts public broadcasting in Australia.

The XYZ will be attending Milo events in Brisbane and Melbourne, and we are waiting on a response to a request for interview. Feel free to suggest questions we can put to Milo in the comments.

It’s your XYZ.

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