Operation Shiny Object EXPOSED – The Real Reason Bearing was Banned on Twitter?


Large YouTuber Bearing recently received a permanent suspension from Twitter without warning, or reason, and it appears the culprit is hardened Feminist Kristi Winters.

During a livestream, Cognitive Thought pointed out that Winters had been bragging all over her Twitter page about getting Bearing banned.

While having a look at Kristi Winters YouTube channel, Matty’s Modern Life found a hilarious video entitled “Debrief: Bearing & Operation Shiny Object.”

In it, Winters talks about how she and her fellow “progressives” have been deliberately making content about Bearing so that Bearing would make response videos.

This was all supposedly part of some strategy to make Bearing’s YouTube channel slightly repetitive…. Dr Evil would be proud of this hilarious plot.

Operation Shiny Object is one of the funniest things to come out of the regressive Left.

The banning itself is yet another indictment on Twitter and their lying CEO Jack Dorsey who still claims Twitter believes in free speech.