Manus: The last gasp of the Australian Refugee movement

Peter hartcher photo
Peter Hartcher. Photo by Newtown grafitti

Peter Hartcher, the Political and International Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, is most notable for being the main conduit for the leaks Kevin Rudd used to undermine and ultimately destroy Julia Gillard. It’s fair to say as journalists go he’s a fairly standard man of the left.

Which made his comments regarding the current screaming and sobbing leftist meltdown over the former Manus Island detention centre all the more illuminating.

Mr. Hartcher points out in his piece that the only reason six hundred failed Asylum seekers are currently trying to occupy a place they’ve been telling us for years was a hellhole unfit for human habitation, is because Greens politicians like Nick McKim and Marxist extremists like Ian Rintoul keep giving them false hope that the Australian government will change its mind.

Over the last week protests have been held around Australia by the extremist organisation Refugee Action Collective. RAC and its affiliates are fronts organised by violent radical groups such as the Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and Ian Rintoul’s own Solidarity.

In Sydney hundreds came out to Hyde Park to listen to Ian Rintoul and David Shoebridge, [one of the more prominent members of the Anarcho-Communist “Left Renewal” faction of the Greens] speechify in the rain. It probably wasn’t much fun.

Aran Mylvaganam, from WheelerCentre.

In Melbourne thousands showed up in sunnier weather to block traffic and attack police outside Flinders St Station, while listening to Adam Bandt of the Greens call Peter Dutton a “terrorist”. Aran Mylvaganam of the Tamil Refugee Council and Socialist Alternative was also in attendance whining to sympathetic reporters. Motorists trying to use Melbourne’s roads for the purpose of driving were as usual suitably impressed and showed their appreciation via vigorous use of their horns.  On Melbourne Cup Day, protesters again blocked traffic.

In Canberra about one hundred marchers were led by long-time veteran Communist Dr John Minns, Socialist Alternative member and now apparently Director of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies at the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences.

On Friday a few dozen protesters held simultaneous occupations of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection offices in Canberra and Sydney. Present were everyone’s favourite Stalinist Senator Lee Rhiannon, Con Karavias of Socialist Alternative, Daniel Cotton of Solidarity and Zebedee Parkes of the Socialist Alliance.

Also present at this illegal occupation of a government office were Vanamali Hermans, one of the founders of the Anarcho-Communist “Left Renewal” Greens faction [she latter left the party in disgust for not being sufficiently extreme] and Holly Brooke, another self-described Anarcho-Communist, member of Left Renewal and Co-Convenor of the NSW Young Greens branch.

Vanamali Hermans, Anarcho-Communist. From Medium.

If you took away the active members of extremist groups there wouldn’t have been many people left.

Naturally, no media outlets mentioned any of these extremist connections. Why would they? Leftist outlets like Junkee, Pedestrian TV and New Matilda were actively helping these groups to organise. That’s leaving aside the sympathetic coverage offered by the ABC, SBS, The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian.

Yet despite all that help, outside of Red Melbourne their organising fell flat. The tens of thousands of tilty-headed, faux-concerned lefties that marched against offshore processing ten or fifteen years ago were nowhere to be seen.

A clue as to why can be found in Peter Hartchers’ piece:

Ian Rintoul. Photo by David Jackmanson

“It’s perfectly within Rintoul’s rights, and McKim’s, to work to change Australia’s refugee policy, of course. If, however, they are giving the asylum seekers false hope, that’s pretty unfair… There is simply no prospect that the federal governmenKaraviast will reverse its policy. None…

“…The Greens and other activists know this full well. So why mislead the asylum seekers into thinking that a change of policy is possible any time soon? Could it be that they are seeking to engineer an incident?

“Because the asylum seekers, coached and cheered on by McKim and the other activists, in the closed Lombrun centre are now in something of a standoff with the PNG authorities. What do McKim and Rintoul hope to achieve by this?

“Could it be that they are hoping for a clash, a well-publicised, violent confrontation, big enough and ugly enough to pressure the government into changing policy? That would be cruel. It would also likely prove futile.”

Of course they are trying to engineer a clash, hopefully with many artfully strewn dead bodies. It’s the only chance of victory they have left.

It’s never been about compassion for the Asylum Seekers. Despite their wailing they’ve never really given a damn about the bloody Asylum Seekers.

Ian Rintoul, Lee Rhiannon, David Shoebridge and others like them believe that Australian is a racist, illegitimate white-supremacist social construct. They want to implement open borders so that Australia as a nation, as a culture and even as a concept can be destroyed.

They’ve stated it openly over and over again.

But on this particular battlefield they’ve failed. No matter how much they’ve tried to shame and guilt the Australian population into not caring about the protection of our borders, they could never get people to ignore the stench of the thousand bodies in the water that resulted when Kevin07 did as they requested.

Once the remaining batches of no-longer-detainees find themselves some other place to go, the defeat of the extremist left on this issue will be complete. They’re not used to losing and there will be much flailing and screaming on this matter before they’re done, but barring disaster the battle is over.

They lost and we won, time for those of us on the sane side of politics to savour it.