Quote of the Day: “Alternative” is now Mainstream


It has been a big day on The XYZ. Lucas Rosas’ excellent exposé of the communists embedded in the Australian education system has struck a chord with readers, receiving a tonne of likes and comments across Facebook, and well over 100 shares. The amount pledged on The XYZ Patreon has almost doubled in a day, a clear indication that people are concerned about the hijacking of the Australian education system by Cultural Marxists.

Your taxes pay for Lucy Honan to abuse your children. Screenshot from Teachers4Refugees

The following paragraphs from Rosas articulate the scope of the problem:

“These are the people you pay through your taxes to teach your kids’ teachers.

“It needs to be reiterated, these people are not simple ALP union hacks or mushy Greens who like trees, these people are the most radical political extremists in our society. The groups they are members of have been responsible for campaigns of violence, vandalism and intimidation against anyone who dares to disagree with them politically.”

“These groups openly boast that they want to overthrow the government. They preach about the need to abolish Parliament, the armed forces, the police, the courts, the constitution, the Australian national flag, national borders, the concept of gender, free speech, free assembly, the right to own property and the traditional family.

“And not only do you pay them to teach the people who teach your kids, you also pay them to formulate the curriculum more sane teachers are forced to teach by.

We defeated the Islamic Caliphates which had threatened the West for over a millennia, we defeated the Communist Soviet Union which threatened to spread its genocidal ideology throughout the world, yet we now allow both to be excused and promoted in our education system. It is an axiom that the greatest threat to civilisation is not the barbarian outsider, but the little barbarians we produce who need decades of civilising to carry our civilisation forward; ie, the next generation. Yet we allow people infected with the ideology of the barbarian outsider to infect the minds of the next generation.

I spotted an excellent comment, which has been awarded The XYZ Quote of the Day, on The XYZ Facebook feed:

“Most people I know who support same sex marriage think of themselves as “Alternative.” But when you espouse the same opinion as all of the major political parties, the mainstream media and large capitalist corporations you can no longer consider yourself as Alternative. You have become the mediocre majority.”

(Aside from the conclusion that they are the majority – they are a vocal and well-connected minority), yes. One of the key tenets of this poisonous ideology of the barbarian outsider is that the discourse of the white, Christian, heterosexual male is the dominant discourse in Western society, and must be subverted and defeated in order to improve the lives of the “marginalised”. This discourse of the “marginalised” has become the dominant discourse, indeed an oppressive discourse, and it is the discourse that dominates Australia’s education system, yet it is presented as though it is still fighting the oppressor.

So we have an enemy. Black Pigeon Speaks provides a good roadmap to take it down:

His proscription: although rational debate and facts have their place, the number one winning tactic against the left is to use weaponised ridicule and shame. They simply cannot handle it. Their entire arguments are based on emotion, thus when we hit them where they are emotionally at their weakest, their heads explode.

That’s why I loved this meme of Ryan Fletcher’s so much:

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

And it’s why, alongside reasoned debate from Rod Lampard and more investigative reporting from Lucas Rosas, this weekend on XYZ will also feature a justification for fat shaming by Adam Piggott and a deconstruction of the concept of sex robots by the Wang Show.

It’s your XYZ.