Quote of the Day: Leaving the Antifa cult


nEwS.cOm have managed to print something half decent, by publishing a testimonial from a former Australian Antifa member. It offers us a glimpse at the danger Antifa poses to Australian society, and the darkness of the motivations and mindset of the people ensnared by its dark ideology:

“It’s more dangerous than ISIS. I was ideologically possessed for four years…You don’t know humiliation until you’ve left a cult; I wasted four years of my life.”

It is telling that this cult has been able to achieve a situation in Australia where conservatives can barely hold a meeting without the threat of violence. With respect to its effectiveness at speech suppression, Antifa is indeed more dangerous than ISIS.

Our former Antifa friend confirms that social justice warriors always project:

“Antifa would say there is nothing good about Australian society. Their minds project that belief, and everything is filtered through this ideology.”

Thus the ways to deprogramme someone from the Antifa religion are important. Lucas Rosas recently observed that he could “describe the doctrinal differences between Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin” but he’d “be amazed if most of those who don black masks and call themselves Anarchists today could even tell you who Bakunin was.” In fact, one Antifa member who recently spoke with Stefan Molyneux said that reading the works of Marx and Bakunin was exactly what convinced him to abandon Antifa.

In this Australian’s case, it was shame that did the trick:

“A ‘social justice warrior’ cringe video appeared on my social media feed. I didn’t watch it at first. A couple of weeks later it popped up again so I pressed play. It was like seeing the entire cult through an outside lens. It woke me up. I realised that everything I had started to believe was wrong.”

Share videos like this, people. Our sorcery is stronger than theirs:

Of course, there is always Plan C

It’s your XYZ.