Left Bans Father’s Day


From an anonymous contributor

It seems that a Father’s Day commercial was pulled due to it being too ‘political’. The advertisement by Dads4Kids made no mention of the gay marriage debate, only showing a father with his child and how proud he (and the mother) was of her.

It seems as though the commercial was pulled by the gay lobby as it shows a normal, traditional family. We all know they do not like the traditional family and this would have obviously offended them.

Apparently, Free TV Australia thought it didn’t comply with the Broadcasting Act because somehow, a father singing a lullaby counts as election or political material which was broadcast without a license. Apparently, it hogs the broadcast and doesn’t share the broadcasting service with the opposing side. Yet none of the Pro-YES campaigns have the “Authorized by..” political license. Here is an example from the totally impartial journalists at Fairfax:

Why is this not considered political yet the lullaby is?

Here is a typical doxxing left wing Twitter page. Apparently, setting up an organization to promote being a loving father is now ‘virulent bigotry’ and ‘homophobic’. Then again, there is nothing these days that isn’t. Whats even worse, Channel 9 seems to focus heavily on the troll tweets of about three people. As you can see, the left’s comments are all ad hominems and offer no valid arguments.

From: https://twitter.com/geraldmellor/status/903786399391875072/photo/1

Here is a link to the original TV commercial:

A statement from the author of the ad, dads4kids is available at http://www.dads4kids.org.au/.

If I can summarize, surely it is perfectly reasonable to celebrate fathers during Father’s Day without it being politicized.

This video should be seen by all, as I believe strongly in free speech and the fact that the MSM and the left don’t. It is unacceptable that they indiscriminately censor anyone who might even remotely be a political opponent. This will no doubt lead to further censorship and political correctness.

To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day!

To all the jealous homosexuals and the left, get stuffed!